1 million 200 thousand + people watch the top IP feast sword net 3 seven Anniversary Conference Revi-jodie foster

1 million 200 thousand + people watch the top IP feast "sword net 3" seven anniversary Review Conference two, "sword net 3" heavy plate: details of burst table very clear picture in this conference, the paladin who are deeply concerned about the "sword net 3" heavy plate officially open the real machine screen, the game is expected in 2017 public test. The next generation of game engine based on DX11, using PRB technology to create a real physical rendering, and demanding to restore the game classic style! The SSS heavy plate material character more skin Bailitouhong, muscle texture of natural beauty, more industry leading black technology, visual scene and paladin will map in the eyes light, creating a hitherto unknown eyes eyes. [cross generational remake all the material from the perspective of real data for the first time publicly] to close a very clear world "sword net 3" heavy plate will bring a very full devoicing of chivalrous martial arts world, all art resources to replace all. Character model upgrade to 16000, is the current version of the 4 times, using a layer of texture mapping, the accuracy of the current version of the 2 times, bone structure to enhance the 4link reached 1 times, further reduce the penetration. The accuracy of the model is improved by 5 times, the highest level is up to 30000, and the precision of the model is improved by 4 to 8 times! Familiar with all the high visibility of the same time, heavy plate map effective sight distance from 400 meters to upgrade to 4000 meters, single map scene area expanded by a factor of 4, to ensure that the line of sight is boundless lake. The original curtain background evolved into towering mountains into the reel when the paladin Shun Yeung palace, the original 2D has become real vision of the majestic mountains, temples hidden in the mountains between Snow gleams white., horizon has never been so wide. Map upgrade upgrade to create authentic bones [with PBR technology "PBR physics" sword net 3 remake the world light rendering process, real-time calculation of refraction and reflection of light, let the whole picture is cloudy, sunny, take on an altogether new aspect, indoor, night scenery and light can express the real right, the traditional the game in common overexposed and fluorescent color history; anti aliasing TXAA together with the introduction of the film, not only let each edge preserving smooth transition, and solve the problem of dynamic flicker, let the leaves shake the parallel ladder, the more real and delicate; adding light shielding and soft shadows so, more three-dimensional sense of space objects. The picture shows an extremely delicate "sword net 3" remake also solves the problem that PBR is difficult to render semi realistic hand-painted style by half, carefully debugging for the engine, combined with multi-level texture rendering high specification, a majority of chivalrous person familiar, has the traditional oriental charm of the Tang River again. After the exposure of the scene and elegant style, not be home. "Everything for the yen value" sword net 3 "heavy plate characters have been declassified]," sword net 3 "is a unique style of people highly chivalrous love, heavy plate made of SSS material to create character skin, subcutaneous blood flow to the real effects of simulated skin, for female characters showing a Bailitouhong clear impression for.相关的主题文章: