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11 year old boy was leukemia after chemotherapy night to go home home Le Zhen Jing Cun Guizhou Shuicheng County pump group of Hua Gong Shi Lu Yao, a child suffering from leukemia, in order to reduce the burden of the family, he was only 11 years old, in the provinces of chemotherapy on the road alone has a deduction years of strong. Admirable is that the child did not fall ill because of the results, he has maintained a full score in mathematics. The path away said, in the school for two years, he has been reading, learn the course, even asked cousin borrowed books, self-study 5 grade curriculum, that is why he is better. According to the teacher, this year, the path of every math test, are 100 points, the language is also more than 90 points, has been ranked first in the class. Every time off to come back after treatment, he will take the initiative to do pay up. In November 2005, Shi Lu was born. Due to a poor family, when he was two, his mother ran away from home, so far without hearing a word about. Stone has been away and my grandparents lived in the home, the third grade primary school, father working in Anhui, he got around, and continue to study in the local primary school. November 20, 2013, Lu Yao suddenly high fever, a doctor in Anhui, was told she had leukemia, need to be transferred to Beijing or Shanghai for treatment. However, his father heard by playing, Kunming children’s Hospital for the treatment of the disease technology is good, so the father and son in good intentions to help the boss down to Kunming to see a doctor. The children’s Hospital of Kunming, remote diagnosis, suffering from acute lymphoblastic leukemia, need long-term chemotherapy. In this connection, the path began a long road doctor. "Son, you must hold on, Dad would do everything to save you!" Was admitted to the hospital, although the father knew about 400 thousand. Stone treatment costs is an astronomical figure, but he still has to comfort the path. Due to inter provincial treatment, only 30% of the cost of the new rural cooperative medical reimbursement, high medical expenses presses father breathless. Although relatives and friends have donated money to help, but by the autumn of 2015, a total of 300 thousand yuan has been spent away from the path of medical expenses, his father also owed debt of $about 200000. After returning home, the path made two. Age is not consistent with the decision: one is to study, two provinces each alone to go to hospital for treatment, in order to alleviate the economic pressure at home. At the end of August last year, he drove in before the start of the day, a man in Conghua Yue town get on the bus, go to Liupanshui Railway Station, and the next day at 3 in the morning on the train to Kunming. That night, only 10 years old, he was sitting in the waiting room for about 6 hours. "I really want to cry, but I don’t dare to let my tears come out." The path said, fortunately, in Kunming after the train, only need to sit for half an hour by bus, you can arrive at the hospital. Every time after the bone marrow puncture path. After treatment, have a chance to lie 6 hours to walk. However, because the train to go back to Liupanshui overnight, so the distance has to endure the pain of the road immediately get up. To Liupanshui, the day has not yet bright, he was waiting in the waiting room, waiting for a car, and then ride home. Since September last year, has 10 times alone. The path of trans provincial medical. "I’m all.相关的主题文章: