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15 provinces cancel "the three", the experts: dilute discrimination should be completely cancel – Sohu education in new network Beijing on September 8th news, "three" is gradually withdraw from the stage of history, the day before, according to the news website of the Ministry of education, as of 2016, has been in Hebei, Guangdong and other 15 provinces to cancel the three batch of undergraduate. Reporters noted that next year, Beijing, Henan and other provinces will merge two, the three batch. In this regard, some experts said, "the three" from the stage of history will give the "original three" colleges provide greater space for enrollment, accordingly let candidates more choices, at the same time, also helps to weaken discrimination in education. 15 provinces have canceled the "three", Beijing will be canceled next year, the merger of undergraduate admission batch is the trend. In recent years, the Ministry of education to actively promote the reform of colleges and universities to carry out enrollment. Earlier, in September 2014, the State Council issued "on deepening the reform of admissions exam system implementation opinions" put forward, create conditions to gradually cancel the batch of college admissions, 2015 to carry out the reform in the conditional admission batch provinces. In the reform of admission batch, many provinces are taking the lead from the merger of second and the implementation of the batch of undergraduate, as of 2016, has been canceled in 15 provinces, the three". Previously, many provinces have taken the first batch of mergers and acquisitions to explore, from 2011 onwards, Shanxi, Shandong and Fujian will merge two or three batches. Since then, in 2015, Sichuan, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Tianjin will be two or three batches of mergers. This year, Hebei, Jiangxi, Hubei, Liaoning, Chongqing, Guizhou and other provinces will be two or three batches of mergers and acquisitions, Guangdong is the merger of the two batch of AB. Also this year, Shanghai is further, will be a book, the two merged into a number of admissions, and now only to retain undergraduate batches and specialist batches. Daily economic news reporter noted that next year, Henan and Beijing will also be merged with the two batch of undergraduate and undergraduate batch of three, in addition, Hainan and Shandong next year will also be merged with the admission of the first undergraduate, the second batch of admissions. "Three" or will exit the stage of history, some college enrollment increased space now, more and more provinces clearly will merge the two batch of undergraduate and undergraduate three batch, it also declared a "three" in the near future or will exit the stage of history. In this regard, researcher Chu Zhaohui analysis Chinese education scientific research institute told reporters, the abolition of the "three" will give the "original three" college enrollment more space, accordingly to the choice of candidates more, while helping to dilute the discrimination in education. But there are also analysis of the views of the two or three batch after the merger, the larger the scope of the candidates to choose the school, but at the same time, in order to accurately judge the quality of a school, candidates need to access more information. In this regard, Chu Zhaohui said that the two or three batch after the merger, with some achievements in the middle of the examinee, indeed, the scope of their choice is large, there may even get the original three of the schools, but it is not bad. After all, some of the original three of the college professional than two colleges and universities, educational achievement is good, mainly to see the school’s own or the school, and after the merger, will give these institutions to provide Tongtaijingji may." Chu Chu chu..相关的主题文章: