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17 guns per capita! The United States, "super gun" up to 7 million 700 thousand of the number of the United States by the top universities in the United States to do a research report shows that about half of the country’s guns are concentrated in the hands of 3% of the gunmen in the hands of adults in the United States, the United States, the United States, more than half of the total number of firearms in the hands of two. This part of the super gun average per capita has 17 guns. The report was done by Harvard University and Northeastern University, but has not yet been published, some of which were 19 British guardian disclosure. The report said that since 1994, the United States has increased the amount of gun support 70 million, but while the proportion of the total population of firearms has declined from 25% to 22%. In other words, more guns are concentrated in the hands of fewer people. According to reports, the US at this stage there are about 55 million "gun people, nearly half of the people holding a gun to two; in all of the gunmen, 7 million 700 thousand is the" super gun people ", number of guns from 8 to 140 range. The investigation of these "super gun people" the researchers found that the reason they have guns each are not identical, a mere hobby of collecting antique guns, others are guns, gun coach craftsmen or occupation shooting athletes, and "store gun" is to have prepared against want. But the Harvard University School of public health researcher Deborah · Azrael said, researchers did not carried out on the "super gun people" is more dangerous than ordinary gun people of investigation". For the "super guns," said Bazinet, a spokesman for the national shooting movement foundation, ·, said: "really?" said Mike 3% of the guns have half the guns? It seems too far away…… The report seems to be to make the total number of people seem to be as little as possible, thus increasing the feasibility of gun control policy." But Clarke, a fellow at the Florida State University and a fellow of firearms, ·, argues that a small number of people have the majority of guns, "said Gary". [Characteristics] in recent years, several United States and more shooting the gun control topic several times touted, so some of the more authoritative firearms investigation report is also popular attention. The researchers found that most of the gunmen in the United States are white, male, conservative, living in rural areas. In the surveyed conservatives, 30% people claiming to have firearms, and moderates the gunman only this group of 19%, liberals claimed only 14% guns. The proportion of gunmen is also different because of racial differences. 25% of whites and half of the population claiming to have a gun, and 16% of Hispanics claiming to hold a gun, while only about 14% of African Americans claiming to be armed. The study also found that the number of female gunmen increased compared to 1994, and most of the women armed with only a pistol and the purpose of self-defense.相关的主题文章: