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19 days 0 when Hebei No. 92 gasoline price ceiling to 5.91 yuan in Hebei Province, the maximum retail price of refined oil table (unit: yuan), September 19th 0 onwards. Domestic oil prices have been down after a "two rise". The Hebei Provincial Price Bureau announced today that the highest retail price of Hebei’s finished oil was adjusted at 0 September 19th. After the price adjustment, the adjustment of 92 gasoline price ceiling of 5.91 yuan, down 0.13 yuan per liter. In September 19th, the maximum retail price and wholesale price of diesel oil and diesel in Hebei province were reduced by 155 yuan and 150 yuan per ton, respectively, in Hebei province. No. 89 gasoline (standard) maximum retail price from 5.60 yuan to 5.48 yuan and 92 gasoline, from 6.04 yuan to 5.91 yuan and 95 gasoline, from 6.38 yuan to 6.25 yuan lift. Diesel car No. 0 (standard) from 5.64 yuan to 5.51 yuan, 0 lifting, diesel per liter from 5.18 yuan to 5.05 yuan. The highest retail price of vehicle ethanol gasoline is carried out in accordance with the highest retail price of labeled gasoline (IV). According to the relevant provisions of the Hebei Provincial Price Bureau and the Hebei provincial transportation department, the fuel surcharge for road passenger transport in Hebei is still 0.006 yuan per kilometre.

19日0时起河北92号汽油最高限价降至5.91元 升 河北省成品油最高零售价格表(单位:元),9月19日0时起执行。   国内油价“两连涨”后迎来一次下调。河北省物价局今天发布公告,9月19日0时起,调整河北成品油最高零售价格。调价后,92号汽油最高限价调整为5.91元 升,每升下降0.13元。   9月19日0时起,河北省汽、柴油最高零售价格和批发价格每吨分别降低155元、150元。89号汽油(标准品)最高零售价格由5.60元 升降至5.48元 升,92号汽油由6.04元 升降至5.91元 升,95号汽油由6.38元 升降至6.25元 升。0号车用柴油(标准品)由5.64元 升降至5.51元 升,0号普通柴油每升由5.18元降至5.05元。车用乙醇汽油最高零售价格按照同标号汽油(Ⅳ)最高零售价格执行。   根据河北省物价局、河北省交通运输厅相关规定,河北省道路客运燃油附加费仍为0.006元 人公里。相关的主题文章: