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20 towns around Poyang Lake to build sewage treatment facilities – Jiangxi Channel – people.com.cn September 29th, reporter learned from the provincial housing department, to comprehensively promote the construction of ecological demonstration area, our province issued "on the small towns along the Poyang Lake sewage treatment project construction plan". Beginning this year, the province will focus on the Poyang Lake area, in Nanchang, Jiujiang and Shangrao, 20 towns to carry out the town of village sewage treatment facilities. According to the plan, 20 pilot towns around Poyang Lake and strive to the end of this year to complete the sewage treatment facilities and supporting pipe network construction project construction plan, start preparatory work for project bidding; by the end of 2017, a contiguous built-up area of the sewage pipe network laying in place, the township sewage treatment facilities built and realize the effective operation; in 2018, the township life rate of more than 80% sewage treatment, provide demonstration and experience for the promotion of the sample in Poyang Lake province small town sewage treatment works. For the construction of sewage treatment facilities, sewage collection system in our province requirements and sewage treatment facilities and site planning, renovation of existing ditches, culverts as part of the sewage collection system. Where the conditions of the new pipe network should be to promote the form of rain and sewage diversion, the construction of the combined sewer network to gradually implement the rain and sewage diversion transformation, improve collection efficiency. In order to meet the requirements of sewage treatment function, the priority of the local decentralized treatment. Reporters learned that the program involves 20 towns. Among them, Nanchang City, Xiangshan Town, the town of dyke in 5 towns, 11 towns in Jiujiang, Zhou Xi Zhen Zuo Li Zhen, Xingzi Town, Shangrao City, stone town double Town 4 towns. For the town, the provincial financial arrangements for the first 1 million 900 thousand yuan this year to start the construction, the other will be based on the project and the overall performance of the situation, given the appropriate bonus funds. Accordingly, the province is expected to invest 38 million yuan this year. At the same time, I also encourage certain administrative areas, several town sewage treatment project construction and operation of the overall implementation of overall integration, packaging, attract social capital investment, commissioned by the specialized sewage treatment and unified entrusted operation mode of business agent, to implement the PPP model and other specialized construction and operation, to achieve the government and social capital cooperation a win-win situation, to maximize the comprehensive benefits of the project. (commissioning editor: Wu Ruo, Shuai Jun)相关的主题文章: