2016 China, international medical science and technology news released in ten


14, from the national health and Family Planning Commission guidance, development forum 2017 China health and health organized by the science and technology innovation, "the 2016 year Chinese medical science and technology ten news" and the "2016 annual international medical science and technology ten news released.

selected Chinese medical science and technology ten big news: after a lapse of 20 years held a national health and health science and technology innovation; the Ebola virus to invade the human body mechanism is cracked; using endogenous stem cells for the treatment of congenital cataract has made a major breakthrough in salt; sodium intake Chinese serious exceed the standard; live influenza virus vaccine can be converted directly to me; the scientists found that 1445 species of virus; cardiovascular disease risk prediction with China model; for the first time using mouse stem cells in vitro to produce functional sperm; Mycobacterium tuberculosis drug resistance detection of domestic in vitro diagnostic reagents approved; the new scheme can make the life of patients with nasopharyngeal carcinoma chemotherapy extended for 9 months.

international medical science and technology ten news are: implanted microelectrode array to help paralyzed patients regain motor ability; many studies explore the pathogenic mechanism of Zika virus; 10 years follow-up of localized prostate cancer, different treatment effect; improper prescription of antibiotics, the United States in 2011 2010 outpatient patients the incidence rate was 30%; fruit intake is the risk factors for heart disease and stroke Chinese population; nanoparticles containing tumor RNA can stimulate the body’s immune system against the tumor; in 1990 2013, the global burden of viral hepatitis is increasing; a human monoclonal antibody significantly reduced in patients with Alzheimer disease amyloid beta levels in elderly male; testosterone therapy can enhance the multi angle the quality of life of patients; the United States launched the human genome program plan.

it is understood that the review group on the 2016 annual "science", "natural" and a total of 18 kinds of journals were searched and analyzed, and the retrieval including people’s daily, science and technology daily more than and 20 mainstream media, to China scholars as the main performance of human medical science news report, 83 medical science news will eventually be included in the domestic part of the alternative entry. At the same time, choose the more than 7 thousand basic, clinical and public health fields from the six famous journals, selected the top 100 original research results at least 80 international mass media referred to as part of the international alternative entry.

review with initial and final evaluation of the two links. 12 academicians from home and basic medicine, clinical medicine, public health and other fields of scientific research management, and from the media experts on behalf of the final