2017 health care reform set the tone zero price difference of two votes, cancel all drug addition

January 5th -6, the national health and family planning work conference held in Beijing in 2017. According to the national health and Family Planning Commission website news, as the medical and health work "barometer", the national health and Family Planning Commission Director, party secretary Li Bin at the meeting stressed that the year will push the reform of public hospitals in the city, comprehensive public hospitals canceled drug addition, to achieve compliance with the provisions of the remote medical referral hospital costs direct settlement, and promote the development of public medical institutions drug procurement system of "two votes".

Li Bin stressed that the party will be held in 2017 nineteen, is an important year for the full implementation of the "13th Five-Year" plan, is to promote the supply side structural reform deepening, but also to promote the healthy China foundation, construction of a crucial year for long-term benefit.

health system should focus on the overall layout of "five in one" and "the four overall strategic layout, and implement the spirit of the party’s eighteen and eighteen third, fourth, fifth, the six plenary session of the comprehensive implementation of the spirit of general secretary Xi Jinping series of important speech comprehensively, insist on maintaining stability in the general work guideline, the party’s health and health work under the new situation as a guide, to promote the healthy Chinese construction as the main line, to implement the main theme, take a more targeted, more coverage, more direct and more effective measures to all-round, full maintenance of people’s health.

2017 is the work of the year, Li Bin stressed the need to adhere to the bottom line, focus, improve the system, to guide the work of thinking, focus on doing the work of the year.

continued to deepen reform, promote the classification treatment system construction, and actively promote the construction of the Medical Association, the medical community and College Union, the development of the telemedicine network, improve the family doctor service coverage.

fully open city public hospital reform, the abolition of all drug addition, promote the new operation mechanism of smooth transition, years to achieve compliance with the provisions of the remote medical referral hospital costs direct settlement, promote the public medical institutions drug procurement system of "two votes", strengthen the industry supervision, accelerate the formation of basic medical and health system.

implementation of prevention, health promotion, strengthen the prevention and control of major diseases, improve the core competence of health emergency.

implementation of a comprehensive two child policy, strengthen the whole process of basic health care services.

to further optimize the allocation of medical resources, in-depth implementation of health poverty alleviation projects, continue to implement the action to improve medical services, enhance people’s sense of health.

implement the law of traditional Chinese medicine, support and standardize the development of traditional Chinese medicine.

improve the health industry development policy, foster new forms of health services, to meet the needs of the masses multi-level, diversified health needs.