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In the past 25 years, the deep love has not been reduced. The musical drama of "ghost Ghost" has been written in the classic "Shenyang" and "love through the stars". "Love is a force that allows us to perceive its existence beyond the dimension of time and space". And in this fantasy, we can see that there are always people who are willing to believe in love. It may be summer, and meet the tears; perhaps the appearance of aging, Xiangruyimo plain; perhaps the cars before a man holds a woman hand grows exceedingly sentimental…… At the end of the last century, a Hollywood film, "the ghost of a man," was born out of the world, rapidly rising in the world. When "Oh, my love my darling…" The melody of the hero and heroine seem to be in the mind of everyone. This is due to the expression of the theme of love to the extreme and award-winning, poignant story between man and ghosts, each frame are all threads neatly tied up acting, has become the world recognized masterpiece, and became one of the 100 Hollywood movie history the greatest. The film’s screenwriter Bruce · Joey · Robin is also famous, since then many people have suggested that Bruce will be adapted as a musical, but he had reservations about the idea until 2011, met the director of the play, has repeatedly won the Toni prize for Matthew and his team Huaxiusi?. The musical "ghost is not yet" is not a classic, but a classic that has never stopped to adapt the movie to a musical. In itself, it is not very easy. Besides, the movie is still so classic. For the construction of the creative team, every scene, every word, and the actor’s body fusion, each of the first to appear in the melodious melody, is a great challenge for the audience, the film; deep impression left will make them more expect, slightly flawed will make the fall into the bottom of the musical. The musical version of "ghost is not yet" tells all audiences with excellent quality: don’t worry about not watching the original movie, it itself is the classic of musical history. Screenwriter Bruce personally penned the original · Joey · Robin, Toni Award for best director Matthew · Huaxiusi, served as the musical "the Lord of the rings" composer’s music director Christopher · nano Dingell, for Madonna, Kylie ·, Hugh Menoir; · Jackman, the black eyed peas and Jessie J and many other top artists in Europe and the United States choreographer Ashley · Warren, gold is no doubt the musical version of "ghost" is the world’s top. Focusing on art, musicals have the most amazing magical effects of true, witty and thrilling history. This is the whole picture of the musical and the impression that the audience is most likely to feel. Maybe when you are immersed in the opening stage, the hero and heroine’s passion is overflowing. With the development of the plot, you will be brought into the world of soul existence imperceptibly by the actor. The intriguing plot is inseparable from the light and special effects. The wonderful match of lights makes the field changing fast and seamless, while translucent screen, LED screen and projection show the innovation of new technology to musical drama. The British special effects master Paul Keifer, who made special effects for the movie Harry Potter, has created a series of unprecedented and amazing high-tech stage effects and magic elements for the play, bringing the famous fragments in the movie version to the stage one by one. The actors will suddenly appear in front of the eyes and disappear suddenly. On the stage, the body of the hero, Sam, will penetrate the walls and doors on the stage under the gaze of the audience. When things that people don’t believe are actually happening in front of the eyes, the unique shock experience it brings is stunning. The main purpose of this musical is to believe, to make people believe in each other, to believe in love and to believe in eternity. Many world famous magician, including David Copperfield, Blaine and David?? Hitler, et al, have seen the musical "ghost" and praised the use of the Ghost effect. From the west end of London to New York, Broadway is well received from all over the world. "This is definitely an auditory feast. I would like to watch this play even if I closed my eyes." A spectator said loudly as he walked out of the theater. A variety of musical elements and exquisite style interludes, change, transfer to the music rhythm plot process, harmony. The whole ballad, pop, rock and roll, electronics, jazz and rap rounded, and all the audiences in the classic episode Unchained Melody were recalled and moved. The surprise gratification, in which they can only own. A lady reviews after watching: there’s a magician on the stage and you’ll see a series of scenes you haven’t seen in your life. The audience saw a man across a gate on the stage. They saw someone come out of their eyes and disappeared. This is not what you can see in life. And these magic, with the emotional development of the story, and the magic, you don’t have time to think about the secrets behind it, because you are being moved to tears. It’s really special. It’s worth seeing. And when you go out of the theater, you say, "thank you for giving me this miracle time." that’s what I felt. Is Shengjing theatre, northeast first, wonderful to suffocating "ghost" musical has premiered in British Manchester in 2011, then moved to West London and New York on broadway. Shenzhen, China, is the first stop of the opera’s Asian tour. Previously, the musical "Ghost" has played nearly 2500 performances in 11 countries and regions around the world. The FM98.6 and Shengjing theatre together, the "ghost" musical in Shenyang, will bring wonderful performances for the people. November 15th ~11 month 20 days in Shengjing theatre 8 consecutive performances, every game is the pinnacle of art and emotion, and the men and women in the film and producer on the evening of September 13th arrived in Shenyang on the second day to begin their first trip to Shenyang, the two starring Selim · musical; Doyle and Emily Tierney also · advance to Shen performance for the campaign, a full day of the trip, they did not feel hard, but said: "love Shenyang, this day is very full, very happy". Booking hotline: 024 to 2336266623362777, the ghost is not moved. It is only touched by deep emotion that the love expressed by the movie is not much. It’s a musical play that will make you love and love more. "Trust" and "love" are the two themes. The screen is always there is a musical distance, let you feel the story happened on your side, resonance, even to tears trickling down cheeks are emotions, best embodies the ultimate. The biggest obstacle exists only in the love between two people, the troubles of the outside world is as trassient as a fleeting cloud. The "ghost" of a drama, once again let the universal feeling of love, if they read so far, too, as the ghost moved; no matter where our future, as long as we belong to the exclusive language, I will tell you to use it, to live your life. Here, can not help but think of Tang Xianzu in "the Peony Pavilion" by Du mouth wrote: "I do not know the situation, deeply attached, living can die, death can be born. Life and not death, the dead can not be resurrected, are not to have." The world is to the extreme, and it can cross everything and work for it. In November 15th, Shenyang musical theatre, "ghost", to give people the Juxian, believe in love.

25年深情不减 《人鬼情未了Ghost》音乐剧 ——经典袭沈,爱解永恒   《星际穿越》中曾有这样一句话:“爱是一种力量,让我们超越时空的维度感知它的存在。”而在这加有奇幻意味的感叹中,可以看出,总还有人愿意相信爱。它也许是风华正茂时,相逢而流的泪水;也许是容颜衰老后,相濡以沫的平淡;也许是陶车前男人紧握女人葇荑的缠绵悱恻……   上世纪末,一部好莱坞电影,《人鬼情未了》横空出世,迅速在全球掀起热潮。当“oh,my love my darling……”的旋律响起,男女主人公的动情眼神仿佛就能出现在每个人的脑海之中。此片也因将爱情主题表达到了极致而获奖无数,人鬼之间的凄美故事,每一帧都丝丝入扣的演技,成为世人公认的佳作,并一举成为好莱坞影史最伟大的100部爱情电影之一。这部电影的编剧布鲁斯·乔伊·罗宾也由此声名鹊起,从那之后许多人就一直建议布鲁斯将其改编为音乐剧,但他对这个想法一直都有所保留,直到2011年遇到了该剧的导演,曾多次荣获托尼奖的马修?华修斯和他的团队。   音乐剧《人鬼情未了》,不是重现经典,而是经典从未止步   将电影改编成音乐剧,本身便是件不太容易的事,何况电影还是如此经典。对于创作团队,每个场景的构建,每句台词和演员的肢体融合,每首剧中出现的悠扬旋律,都是极大的挑战;对于观众,电影留下的深刻印象会让他们更加寄予期待,稍有瑕疵都会使音乐剧跌入谷底。而音乐剧版的《人鬼情未了》用无比精良的品质告诉所有观众:不要担心没有看过原版电影,它本身,就已经是音乐剧历史上的经典。   亲自操刀的原编剧布鲁斯·乔伊·罗宾,托尼奖最佳导演马修·华修斯,曾担任音乐剧《指环王》作曲的音乐总监克里斯托弗·纳丁格尔,为麦当娜、凯莉·米洛、休·杰克曼,黑眼豆豆和Jessie J等众多欧美顶尖艺人编舞的阿什利·沃伦,毫无疑问整个音乐剧版《人鬼情未了》的含金量绝对是世界顶尖的。   专注艺术,音乐剧有史最值得惊叹的魔幻特效   真诚,诙谐,惊心动魄。这是音乐剧全程,观众最能感受到的印象。或许当你还沉浸在开场时男女主人公的情愫满溢,随剧情发展,你就会不知不觉地被演员一点点带入那个灵魂存在的世界。   引人入胜的剧情,离不开灯光与特效的烘托。灯光的绝妙搭配,使得换场迅速而天衣无缝,而半透明幕布、LED屏幕、投影展现的是新生科技技术对音乐剧的革新。曾为电影《哈利?波特》制作特效场景的英国特效大师保罗?基弗专门为这部剧创作了一系列前所未有、令人惊叹的高科技舞台特效和魔幻元素,将电影版里的著名片段一一搬上舞台。演员会突然凭空出现眼前,又骤然消失无踪。舞台上,男主角萨姆的身体将在观众的注视下穿透舞台上的墙壁和门。当一些人们原本并不相信的事情在眼前实实在在地发生时,其带来的独一无二的震撼体验足以让人目瞪口呆。而这部音乐剧的主旨就是“相信”,旨在让人们重新相信彼此,相信爱情,相信永恒。   众多世界知名的魔术大师,包括大卫?科波菲尔,大卫?布莱恩和特勒等人在内,都看过音乐剧《人鬼情未了 Ghost》并对其特效的运用赞不绝口。   从伦敦西区到纽约百老汇 来自全世界的好评涌入   “这绝对是一场听觉盛宴,就算闭着眼睛观赏这幕剧我也愿意!”一位观众在走出剧院时大声说道。   各种音乐元素与风格的精妙穿插,以音乐传递节奏的变化、推动情节的进程,水乳交融。,全场民谣、流行、摇滚、电子、爵士乃至说唱的轮番唱响,在影版的经典插曲《Unchained Melody》响起时,所有观众陷入的回忆与感动。这其中的惊喜满足之感,只能自己身临其中才能知味。   一位女士在观看过后评论:舞台上有位魔术师,你会看到一系列你一辈子都没见过的场景。观众在舞台上看到一个人穿过一道门。他们看到有人在眼前凭空而来,又消失无踪。这不是生活中可以看到的。而且这些魔术配合着故事的情感发展,看到魔术,你并没有时间去想它背后的机密,因为你正被感动的流泪。这真的很特别,值得去看。而当你走出剧院,你会说“感谢你们给我了这段奇迹般的时间”,这正是我感受到的。   惠临盛京大剧院,东北首场,精彩到令人窒息   《人鬼情未了》音乐剧已于2011年在英国曼彻斯特首演,之后分别移至伦敦西区和纽约百老汇上演。中国深圳是该剧的亚洲巡演第一站。此前,音乐剧《人鬼情未了 Ghost》已经在全球11个国家和地区演出将近2500场。   此次,FM98.6与盛京大剧院联手,将《人鬼情未了》音乐剧引进沈阳,势必会为人们带来精彩绝伦的表演。11月15日~11月20日在盛京大剧院连续8场演出,每一场都是艺术与情感的巅峰呈现,而男女主演及制作人于9月13日晚抵达沈阳,于第二天开始了他们首次的沈阳之行,音乐剧的两位主演里姆·道尔和埃米莉·蒂尔尼也提前来沈为演出造势,满满一天的行程安排,他们并未觉得辛苦,反而说道:“特别喜欢沈阳,这一天很充实,很开心”。   订票热线:024—23362666 23362777   人鬼未了,感动只因情至深处   关于影片所表达之爱,不多言,只一句,这是一部会让你更爱所爱,愿爱未爱的音乐剧。   “相信”与“爱”,两个主题交相辉映。荧幕始终存有距离,音乐剧却让你感受到故事就发生在你的身旁,共鸣,甚至潸然泪下,都是情感到了极致的最好体现。   爱情最大的阻碍只存在于两个人之间,外界的纷扰尽是过眼云烟。而《人鬼情未了》一剧,再次让普世感受到,倘若对爱情执念至此,天地人鬼也为之动容;无论我们将来在哪里,只要有属于我们的专属语言,我都会用它告诉你,愿与你一生相伴。   到这里,不禁想到汤显祖在《牡丹亭》中借杜丽娘之口写到:“情不知所起,一往而深,生者可以死,死可以生。生而不可与死,死而不可复生者,皆非情之至也。”   世间之情到了极致,便可跨越一切,并为之互通。11月15日,盛京大剧院,音乐剧《人鬼情未了》,至臻巨献,给相信爱的人们。相关的主题文章: