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Marriage-Wedding The Marriage Bangladesh witnesses, be it a Hindu or Muslim marriage, is quite colorful and brims with traditions and rituals. From the various rituals, costumes, the jewels, food and gifts, everything follows a very traditional way and displays the rich custom and tradition of the Bangladeshis. Along with this, if we see the various in between functions and rituals one can realize that these are meant to bring in harmony and make the otherwise tense atmosphere lighter and fun filled one. In a typical Marriage Bangladesh tradition follows there are these 3 teasing and fun filled customs that is quite an attraction and is eagerly looked upon by many while attending a Bangladeshi marriage. Entrance Fee – Normally the marriage is solemnized at the bride’s place. Hence, it is the turn of the groom to .e in a procession (Baraat) and marry the bride. The bride’s party arrive at the venue much earlier and make all the necessary arrangements for the hospitality of the guests from their side and that of the groom and his party. When the groom party arrives they are grandly wel.ed with the blowing of conch shells and ringing the bells. But to make it more joyous and fulfilled the younger member’s of the bride’s family block the entry of the groom and his party. They then demand an entry fee for the groom to proceed to the marriage altar. A good amount of bargaining and cajoling goes on but in a very humorous and light mood and finally a certain amount is agreed upon which is handed over to the ‘head’ of the ‘gang’ and finally entry is given. Hide & Seek – The younger siblings, cousins and their friends to secretly hide the groom’s shoe and then ask him to pay a certain amount to get it back. This again is a light natured affair which is witnessed by all the family members of both the parties and is equally enjoyed. Sometimes, the elders also get involved in this to convince the younger ones and finally they .e to a deal and the groom pays off the kid’s party and gets back his precious shoes. Teasing and Cracking Jokes – It is the time out for the younger siblings, cousins and their friends. This same gang is free to crack jokes and tease the groom and enjoy the maximum. The groom and their group have to take these in a lighter mood and as a part of the tradition. Though these all seem to be quite impressive and interesting sometimes these turn out to be serious issues. While care is taken to ensure that none is offended but sometimes a serious natured groom tends to take it otherwise and make it a matter of grave concern and even disputes arise. But, at the same time, such occurrences are very rare. Even today, these pranks are a great attraction in a Marriage Bangladesh still witnesses and it is the sincere hope of everyone that this should continue to avoid marriages be.ing a simple customary affair. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: