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30 Tour: poor version of the big three rocket attack harden changed season preview 30 team 30 days of rocket team open space city article harden run a new era of sports news in October 24 Tencent Rocket Summer of 2016 lost Dwight Howard, failed to sign the top free player, but still crazy money, complete the construction team. They re signed James Harden, signed under Ann Anderson and Eric Gordon, composed of poor version of the big three. Now, although the Rockets do not have the championship strength, but the chances of a playoff high. [structure] Core Team Rocket harden core players: James harden, Ryan Anderson, Eric Gordon, Gordon, Anderson: the introduction of the players, Pablo Puri, Nene ghioni Zhou Qi (not to join) players: Dwight – Howard, Terrence – Jones, Jason – Terry and James – because harden, the Rockets general manager Daryl Morley and Howard in the summer of 2016, not surprisingly, out of contract and become a free agent, with 3 years and $70 million 500 thousand to join the eagles. The Rockets lost a superstar, but also lost their starting center, the era of magic announced the end of. The Rockets began to harden around again. In July 10, 2016, the Rockets Haddon original contract with two years left in the background, and harden change contract, make a fertilizer for about 4 years and $118 million, the success of the top scoring defender until 2019-20 season. 2015-16 season, harden averaged 29 points, 7.5 assists, 6.1 rebounds and 1.7 steals, the hit rate reached 43.9%, his scoring, assists and rebounds are career record. Harden has now entered a career peak, is one of the best shooting guard in the NBA, the same obvious advantages and disadvantages. On the offensive ability, harden offense is a kaleidoscope, can suddenly good investment, key ability, foul ability is to reach the peak of perfection. His weakness is not a positive defensive attitude, poor defense, the offensive side of the ball too much, too sticky ball, some lone wolf. Howard and Lawson are in the next to harden did not play out, from the top free 2016 Summer few people consider the rockets. In this context, the Rockets had only 4 years to sign Anderson, signed a contract for 4 years, Gordon, and James Harden composed of the poor version of the big three of the world’s largest economy by the end of 80 million. The two players can play the role of pure pitcher, and harden the ball does not conflict, you can upgrade a rocket attack. Harden in the summer of 2016 training very hard, is said to be fundamentally changed, the new season will be defended. [] prospect of last season record: 41 wins and 41 new season forecast: 45 wins and 37 losses magic board era, the Rockets best year is 2014-15 season, 56 regular season wins 26 of the negative record, ranked second in the west, to the Western Conference playoffs. Because of the magic board relationship discord, Kevin – Mchale is fired, the acting coach Beek Gustave does not have its own defense systems and other reasons, the Rockets 2015-16 season slump, only 41 wins and 41 losses record. The Rockets around James harden again, the establishment of a Mike DAntoni style was running.相关的主题文章: