40 glacier everyone can ascend the white heaven

40 glacier is currently the most easily found glacier

means no need for any difficulties and equipment

ordinary visitors can easily climb the glacier to experience her beautiful

to the southern county drove through uninhabited region in the mountains, hidden deep in a shocking glacier, the glacier is located in the cloth Gang, Chinese and Kingdom of Bhutan No. 40 pillar, also called the image called 40 glacier".

Himalaya mountains (Sanskrit: hima Alaya, meaning snow), Tibetan language is "the hometown of snow". Located in the southern edge of the Qinghai Tibet Plateau, is the highest mountain in the world, where snow capped mountains, including more than and 110 peaks up to or above the altitude of 7350 meters.

in Shannan Prefecture of Tibet in southern Bhutan, and is the Himalaya mountains protecting area, concentration of lakes, glaciers, snow capped mountains, grasslands, mountain valleys, forests, temple monuments and so on all you can think of the plateau landscape.

Mo Pu Yong measures is one of the world’s highest freshwater lake located in Luozha county and Langkazi County in Shannan Prefecture of Tibet province at the junction of Lake 5010 meters above sea level, "poumeau" Tibetan girl "," Yong measures "as jasper lake, Mo Pu Yong measures is the continuous snow capped mountains surrounded, towering" Kula Kangri "Koyama guard in general Mo Yong measures. Surrounded by numerous snow capped mountains, 6000 meters above sea level, there are snow capped mountains, there are more than and 10.

"quest" glacier in Glacier No. 40, also known as Tsogyal glacier, located in Tibet and Bhutan Luozha County border, Zhuo wood pull RIKANG at the foot of mountain. A dirt road along the South Bank of the Pu Mo Yong measures has been to the west, traveling about fifty kilometers, across a broad flat grassland crossing a bridge to the south, and after traveling about thirty km to reach. Glacier at about 5400 meters above sea level, due to close to Bhutan, the time will automatically jump to Bhutan time zone.