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41 year old Julie, who had been divorced for a year before he admitted to having a problem with Pitt [Abstract] when he was interviewed in 2015, said that "there is a problem between me and Brad," and that the divorce seems to have been a problem for a long time in the. Julie and Peter Julie to get data for 6 children in the custody of Angelina & #183; Julie and Brad Pitt apply for divorce after 2 years of marriage Tencent entertainment news according to Taiwan media "news" reported on September 20th, actor Angelina · Julie (Angelina Jolie) and Brad · (Brad Pitt); Pete married for 2 years, recently but there have been filed for divorce to the court, shocked by the outside world. In fact, 2 people from love to get married, 10 years repeatedly traced to feelings of loss and Julie in 2015, in an interview, said: "Brad and I have a problem," the divorce seems to have been the long accumulated problems. Angelina · Julie in 2015; self-directed movie "sea", to find Brad · Peter co starred an unhappy couple, when it was outside the doubtful narrative of their marriage, also revealed that there are a lot of friends worry that they will take out the problem. In an interview with Vogue, Julie explained: "this is not an autobiography. Brad and I have our own problems. However, if it is not the role and how many of our problems are similar, there is no way to complete the film." Angelina · Julie’s 2004 Film "Smith" task, with Brad · Peter and Jennifer fall in love, the man in the · Aniston (Jennifer Aniston) after the divorce, the 2 began to contact, in France in 2014. However, in recent years the couple frequently traced to the dispute, even from already separated, is now "TMZ" that filed for divorce in September 15th, because Julie has been unable to endure "small cloth on child rearing style". In fact, Angelina · Brad · Julie in love; Peter before, there have been 2 marriages, first, British actor Johnny · Li · Miller (Jonathan Lee Miller), the second section is directed by Billy · Bob · Thornton (Billy Bob Thornton), the longest marriage lasted only 3 years. She now has 3 adopted children, and the birth of the children of the 3 and Pitt, after the divorce will strive to support the rights of the 6.相关的主题文章: