The boss scolded go half staff]_ boss has mutation, Curse to get half of employees!-女子产假公司解散

  Hangzhou has a young boss, because of the recent irritable, love scold employees to sleep all night, the second day on the vicious spiral, employees become aggravated. When he found the Hangzhou seven hospital outpatient office director Zhu Changjiang for help, he said he was worried about going on like this, employees have been scolded him, so that the company will collapse. When will work overtime treat good temper for the young people like the Volt’s boss, surnamed Li, was 35 years old, rimless glasses on his nose is delicate, shirt, tie up neatly, a pair of the ornamental and the combined plain properties. Psychological counseling can enter the director Zhu, he said the first sentence is: "doctor, you save me, my heart like a fire burning, motionless on the outbreak, a frustrated employee in his temper, but I can’t control myself, everything afraid to continue years of hard work down to ruin." Listen to the boss Lee said, he graduated from the university with good friend opened a company, weekdays are from his principal. He is also a "China good boss, employees do not meet in place even wrong things, he is to encourage education, like so many years down the cooperation, we never heard him loudly criticized people, not to mention the shouting curse. For the completion of work is not ideal, is also called the most relevant personnel to stay overtime, but every time their own money to buy supper to reward you. However, the recent period of time, especially after the volt, a personality change boss Lee, not only do a careless mistake, for employees or do not up to his request, he was hugely magnified, often face scold enough, when the meeting again again to chatter, a meeting, half the time in the curse. On several occasions, some employees handed in their resignation.

is now being scolded by their own employees, the number is almost over half of the Li boss himself also worried. "In fact, scold after I regret it, many of them from the beginning with me, is not only the relationship between supervisor and employee, it is my friend, this attack, apparently and the relationship is alienated many. When I am quiet at night, I often wonder why I suddenly become so impatient. Do I suffer from any mental illness? If so, I’m afraid all these people will scare me away." His tone of voice and expression were full of helplessness. However, in this regard, director Zhu already got. "Don’t worry, your problem is what the people say about emotional heat stroke. This issue is divided into two kinds of situation, one is that people with mental illness, when the weather condition fluctuates, the need for timely adjustment of treatment; the other is as though you are not enough on the disease, but the entire repose."  , has your mood been up in the summer?

  杭州有一位年轻的老板,因为最近情绪暴躁、爱骂员工而整夜失眠,结果第二天恶性循环,数落员工变本加厉。当他找到杭州市七医院门诊办公室主任朱长江求助时,他说很担心自己再这样下去,员工都被他骂走,这样公司就要垮了。 每逢加班必请客的好脾气 入伏后像换了个人 这位年轻的老板姓李,才35岁,鼻子上架着秀气的无框眼镜,衬衫、领带打理得整整齐齐,一副文质彬彬的模样。 可走进朱主任的心理咨询门诊时,他说的第一句话竟是“医生,你快救救我吧,我的心里好像有团火在烧,动不动就爆发,一不顺心就朝员工发脾气,但我控制不住自己,好怕继续下去多年打拼下来的一切都给毁了。” 听李老板说,他大学毕业后跟好朋友合伙开了个公司,平日里都是由他主事。而他呢也是个出了名的“中国好上司”,遇到员工做事不到位甚至做错事情,他都是以教育鼓励为主,好像这么多年合作下来,大家从没听他大声批评过人,更别说扯着嗓门骂人了。对于完成得不理想的工作,最多也是叫相关人员留下来加班,而且每回都自己出钱买夜宵来犒劳大家。 但是,最近这段时间,特别是入伏之后,李老板的性情大变,不仅自己做事毛毛躁躁,对于员工们犯的错误或是做得达不到他的要求的,都被他无限放大,经常是当面骂一顿还不够,开会的时候再反反复复地数落,一场会议,一半时间在骂人。几次下来,有的员工就递辞呈了。

眼看现在被自己“骂”走的员工,人数都快超一半了,李老板自己心里也着急。 “其实,骂完以后我就后悔了,他们当中有很多人从创业之初就跟着我,不仅是上司和员工的关系,更是要好的朋友,我这样一发作,显然和大家的关系就疏远了许多。晚上安静下来的时候,我也经常会想,为什么自己会突然变得这么没有耐心,是不是得了什么心理疾病?要是这样继续下去,恐怕这些人全要被我吓跑了。”他说话的语气和表情中尽是无奈。 不过,对此,朱主任早已见怪不怪。“不用担心,你的问题就是老百姓口中所说的情绪中暑。这个问题分两种情况来看,一种是本身有精神疾病的人,天气热的时候病情会波动,需要及时调整治疗方案;另一种则是像你虽说够不上疾病,但整个人心浮气躁。”   夏天到了 你的小情绪上来了吗相关的主题文章: