[Zhang Xizhe married Zhang Xizhe]_ low-key wedding bride was not lose the star yen value-北京打击地铁色狼

I believe many people will remember the wedding in the park into the national security team at Yanbian during the period of things, kick away easily got married, really low-key. This does not, and in a low-key life event came, Guoan midfielder Zhang Xizhe was broke in the near future in a show down down down in the upcoming marriage home court with Guizhou after the match, Zhang Xizhe will go on the palace of marriage in July 16th. In front of the press conference, a reporter mentioned the special features of the game, Zhang Xizhe is also very calm, low-key, "for me, every game is the most important thing.". We play at home, we need to catch up with the teams in front of the standings, and the others don’t think much." Zhang Xizhe Wuhan, newly married wife is Qingdao, and the wedding in Beijing, "in Beijing, the people on both sides to Beijing." The bride, named Yuan Xiaoyan, is a figure and beauty model with 110 thousand fans on micro-blog. "How do you see marriage," micro-blog said on the two month of the month?" The lower down down and it looks like she is preparing for the wedding of lacked.brother, this problem has also been a positive response from fans, have asked her to take care of Zhang Xizhe: here she still made on micro-blog down such a micro-blog down down down such a look, she was already 30 years old, is greater than Zhang Xizhe at the age of four…… I don’t know whether it’s a joke or something. Generally speaking, girls’ age is a secret. Since they are outspoken about their age, Yuan Xiaoyan is really very open-minded. Of course, is also very confident. Oh, well, can you be self-confident with such a figure and looks?…… As a model, the body naturally needless to say, it really makes people admire Nitian legs down here: there are a lot of people see her makeup photos she felt like host Shen Mengchen down down down like? It seems a bit! She is also very love small animal down down down love sports beauty always makes people have talent for cooking down down down seemingly also participated in a beauty TV show favor bursting down down down, the brave makeup is also good, down down down and down and down: actor Shuai Chi knew many network models like red Yuan Xiaoyan, also have their own shops, selling clothes, selling cosmetics. Down down down to hard work, should also be self-reliance. So look, Zhang Xizhe eyes are good, the national security corps and ushered in a strength team oh! In fact, Zhang Xizhe had been widely known as a girlfriend is micro-blog certification for Wei Wei exclusive model, actor Yuan Yating, she also sell their clothes. Two girlfriend not only the work scope of business or home, almost, what a coincidence. As for appearance, is also the skin white and beautiful, no wonder some of the fans heard Zhang Xizhe want to get married, I thought it was a person, "a name, is a real name, the fans of the brain hole is also big enough…… Last September, Yuan Yating wrote on his own micro-blog: "I’m glad you came, and I’m not sorry you left.". In February, Yuan Yating also released a group of and a young handsome man’s intimate photos on micro-blog. Some netizens face Meng forced to ask Yuan Yating: you and Zhang Xizhe’s heart


















去年九月,袁雅婷就在自己微博上写道:“很高兴你能来 也不遗憾你离开”,疑似为分手而惆怅。今年二月,袁雅婷还在微博上发布了一组她和一个年轻帅气男子的亲密照。