Samsung’s new flagship mobile phone S8 spy shots hyperboloid screen, home button to cancel 天津酒店发生火灾 新婚夫妇派发狗粮

Samsung S8

The exposure of the Samsung S8

– February 10th, Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying, Galaxy S8 intelligent mobile phone Samsung’s upcoming home mobile phone keys will give up front, and show a new name "Bixby" virtual assistant, which is similar to the Siri of Apple Corp.

since last year, the Note 7 large-scale recall event, Samsung’s new flagship phone Galaxy S8 is highly anticipated. Samsung will be held in February, the general assembly of the world’s mobile conference released a new flagship Galaxy, but this year the new machine release postponed.

Wall Street Journal quoted sources as saying that the new phone is expected to be released at the end of next month, an event in New York.

Samsung S8

Samsung S8 – the day before the exposure of users, the Internet has multiple photos out of the Samsung Galaxy S8. From out of the spy photos, fuselage streamline design, ultra narrow frame, hyperboloid, cancel the home key, the Samsung Logo is placed at the bottom; fingerprint to unlock features from the home key to move to a new location on the back of the mobile phone. There is a saying that, this machine is equipped with Qualcomm snapdragon 835 processor.

Wall Street journal also said, S8 fingerprint unlock function will move from the home to the back of the phone. However, the Wall Street Journal quoted sources said that the distance from the mobile phone market is about two months, so some features are still likely to change.

informed sources said, unlike in the past, Samsung Electronics will only release a new phone curved screen, but there will be two different sizes. The source also said that, unlike the new mobile phone Apple Corp, Samsung’s new mobile phone will have a headset jack.

Samsung Note 7 uses Samsung’s own SDI battery and Hongkong New Energy Company ATL battery. But the final conclusion of the investigation, the two batteries have design and manufacturing defects, resulting in part of the Note 7 fire and explosion, and ultimately the global recall.

Wall Street journal, said Samsung S8 may continue to use Samsung affiliates SDI battery.

Samsung Corp is currently no response to the new flagship S8 rumors.