Secret origin of overseas purchasing supplies, agents also let people cry Live 城管高考索矿泉水 烧烤倒酒精引爆燃

is going to have the Spring Festival, overseas discount season you begin to stockpile? Travel abroad or do purchasing, still buy buy buy? Perhaps you are still struggling to find online overseas agents?

in fact, these imported goods in Yiwu commodity city entrance hall can meet your needs! Not only that, a lot of online purchasing of goods are also derived from here, so why do middlemen earn the difference? It’s better to come here and get the price!

mentioned that the vast majority of friends in Yiwu can think of is a small commodity. In fact, in addition to the sale of goods at home and abroad in Yiwu, there are many you do not know. Until January 9th, Yiwu imported goods shopping festival, where you can buy more than and 100 countries, up to 800 thousand kinds of goods, from snacks to cosmetics, health care products and then all kinds of household appliances.

I also often run around the world, so the price of these goods sold abroad is also somewhat understand. Like Malaysia Ipoh white coffee in the offshore duty-free shops also want to sell 40 yuan / bag, Japan Korea mask, aloe vera gel these sell price and overseas buy price is almost not bad, some commodity costs only 1-3 yuan. Let me eye-opening this time, unexpectedly also can find almost the same price with foreign genuine in china.

when I saw the price moved to the supermarket to 118 yuan, usually imported museum also sold to $98, and now the shopping festival as long as 60 yuan ah!

Australia healthcare products

insulation Cup


are particularly sought after imported goods, before Australia and Japan local drug store to help a friend buy things, many goods are not available, here should be able to buy a similar price. Australian sheep oil 25 yuan / box, aloe vera gel is also 25/ box……

red wine

no longer because of the end of the year outside the discount season to fly out of the big package to buy things, and do not have to go to buy a treasure on the recommendation of a lot of goods are here to raise prices to sell.

white beer

hand cream

see here sure everyone will feel such a low price must question the authenticity of these goods. Don’t need to worry about sales in the hall, imported goods are scrutinized, absolute security, some goods are foreign brands, Chinese manufacturing, businesses will be explained, before you buy can compare, bargain.

everyone is buying and buying