[] Hawthorn science on human calcium beneficial 游客悬崖自拍跌落 孙艺洲机场怼狗仔

is entering middle age, the human body were the calcium in annual loss of 0.7% to 1%. The elderly calcium supplementation, chew a hawthorn, can promote the absorption of calcium. Scientific research has confirmed that winter and cold, warm in April, calcium metabolism, calcium absorption unprecedented active in the elderly can not be missed.

also called shanligong, red fruit, hawthorn fruit rouge, jampanese shanlihong or Hawthorn dried ripe fruit, soft, thin flesh, sweet and sour moderate, unique flavor. Can prevent cardiovascular disease. It is our unique medicine and fruit trees.

The highest calcium content

of hawthorn fruit in autumn, 52 mg calcium hectogram pulp. Hawthorn contains three terpene, bioflavonoids and vitamin C rich components, with the expansion of the vascular wall, reduce cholesterol and triglycerides and reduce blood pressure and so on. In addition, also contains acid, citric acid, has significant effect of reducing blood lipid, but some old people to eat hawthorn acid reflux can cause stomach discomfort, must take caution. The highest calcium content in hawthorn, beneficial to children and the elderly calcium.

we eat calcium, all the first and acid should occur, and then acid into calcium ions. Therefore, the gastrointestinal tract must be sufficient acid to dissolve calcium, calcium is easily absorbed by the human body. And the older the stomach has been strong, stomach reduced, digestion and absorption function. Chinese medicine, hawthorn, Xiaoji stagnation, stasis, Qi. Hawthorn is rich in calcium, vitamin C, vitamin E, and gastric acid synchronous lipase, into the stomach can enhance pepsin, promote the absorption of calcium. Some elderly people are afraid of the teeth can be acid, hawthorn crush, placed in warm water to swallow.

finally need to pay attention to is hawthorn flavor acid, after heating will become more acid, after eating should immediately brush your teeth, or is not conducive to dental health. Teeth afraid of acid people can eat hawthorn products. Pregnant women eat Hawthorn to avoid induced abortion, spleen and stomach. Low blood sugar and children do not eat hawthorn. Not fasting to eat hawthorn, hawthorn contains a lot of organic acid, tartaric acid, hawthorn acid, citric acid, fasting food, stomach acid would jump on the gastric mucosa adverse stimulus, so that stomach fat puffiness, pantothenic acid, if the consumption will increase in fasting hunger and to increase the original stomach. In addition, the market is flooded with a large number of dyed Hawthorn need to attract attention.