These five conceptual design allows us to use a more advanced way of pension (video) 游客不听劝阻遇难 火箭正式签下周琦

after gradually entered the aging society, the elderly daily life, mental health and travel entertainment, are in need of these high-tech products to provide help in all aspects.

: (Human) recently, a lot of creative ideas about the design of aging have brought us into a more convenient and interesting life. The exhibition has been welcomed by many middle-aged and elderly people, in fact, for young people, but also need a lot of attention.

many older people do not like to live with others in their later years, so technology can become the best partner for the elderly. Whether it is a robot, or a variety of interesting products, from the practical and interesting point of view, we selected a number of interesting examples for everyone to see.


Ideo’s concept of social artificial intelligence, combined with fashion elements, portability and artificial intelligence technology, and show us the future is how to better integrate technology into social behavior.

this is a kind of absorbent biosensor nano robot, when the elderly appear anxious, lonely and other symptoms, can release a substance to inhibit the mood.

this product is used in the form of implantable or wearable, can be displayed on the open or closed and other different state, and deal with personal and environmental data. Finally, the Spirit system can reduce the loneliness of the elderly, increase the willingness to socialize, which is very important for the aging of the country, it is very helpful to enhance the well-being of the elderly.

Walk With Path

in addition to the avant-garde technology such as Spirit AI, as well as from the Lise Pape With Path smart insoles. The smart shoe pad can help prevent falls in older people, and improve exercise flexibility, improve the range of activities of older people with multiple sclerosis, diabetes and Parkinson’s disease.

RCA innovation design engineering graduates to create a small start-up company, at the same time, this smart shoe is also equipped with tactile feedback technology, you can better understand the running situation of their own, and can also provide gait tracking. Walk With Path is expected to be officially released by the end of 2017.

Superflex Aura tights

The biggest problem faced by the aging society in

is how to take care of more and more elderly people in the case of the gradual depletion of the young labor force. The company, called Superflex, has developed an exoskeleton with external driving force. Although this suit;