Old mobile phone idle should be recycled 韩春雨论文被撤稿 靳东回应人设崩塌


recently, the author of a cell phone accidentally fell when the child was playing, resulting in a small piece of broken back shell, screen damage. To be taken to repair and found that the screen and the back cover is better than a few hundred, coupled with the phone for nearly two years, the appearance of a little old, slow processing speed, the family on the replacement of a new cell phone.

now, mobile phone manufacturers in order to meet the needs of users, and constantly improve the quality of mobile phone, mobile phone, mobile phone camera update type mobile phone, all kinds of beauty of old machine, which makes mobile phone replacement quickly, with relatively low prices, people are more frequent replacement of mobile phone. Some are used for a period of time, the mobile phone is not damaged, small memory cache, slow, slow, lead to the Internet into the system on the purchase of new; some is the pursuit of new products, a "new generation" mobile phone, buy a mobile phone function; there is not enough, gradually Amoy out; also some platform operators to do activities, charge calls and other promotions to send mobile phone…… Cause some people even more than two mobile phones, and then idle down the old phone is also slowly increasing. A few years later, the house number has nearly ten, have flooded beyond repair, some early non touch screen, and the operation is slow, flawed.

these old mobile phone like chicken ribs, tasteless, throw a pity. As ordinary people, afraid to lose, because lost afraid of environmental pollution, moreover is to spend money to buy, is their own use, not willing to sell, sell; because if recycling enterprises or individuals to steal personal information, resulting in the loss of the unknown. In short, a small mobile phone "pulling" the hearts of the people, do not know how to deal with it, had to idle at home, accounting for the local said, in some ways, this is also a waste of resources.

old mobile phone disposal in the road where? I think it should be produced by the mobile phone brand manufacturers and telecommunications, mobile, China Unicom and other operators together to carry out the depreciation of the new low-cost recovery special activities. Government to strengthen supervision and guidance to ensure that the recycling process specification, information is not leaked, so that both environmentally friendly, but also contributed to the effective use of idle resources.