Play in the winter sea Venice, with 600 million to create a blue ocean view 土耳其泄美军机密 曝郑拓疆打骂群演

in a hurry, a year in the past, almost to the heinous, soon to come to the conclusion…

this year, went to some places, saw a different landscape, there are wonderful, there are regrets;

this year, accompanied by her daughter a little less, so she does not obey, may be my fault;

this year, I am pleased to encourage some friends, thank you for making small progress has great honor.

bid farewell to 2016, where should we go?

finishing the past photos, blue sea silver sand, the vast blue sky wake up my memory, this is a very good experience this summer, on the Qidong Hengda sea Venezia Hotel .

did not hesitate, on the last day of December, with a trip to revisit the old place, to greet the first ray of sunshine!

[European style]

from Shanghai, less than 2 hours by car, a holiday paradise on the perfect show in front of you. Located in Jianghai city of Nantong, Qidong, is located in the east of Jiangsu, three sides of the water, beautiful scenery.

driving slowly close to the hotel, a splendid atmosphere feeling arise spontaneously the appearance of the hotel, the Logis Hotel Atlantis in Dubai, grand and very sense of design.

our room is located on the 12 floor, through a large lounge area, open the door, facing the sea. The garden is on the side of the room side, Bihaiyinsha, both in the area of 60? Above, even active baby in the room to run, did not feel crowded.


is not the first time, but the freshness is still sustained. From the carpet, layout, Home Furnishings objects, the entire room is a rich Baroque architectural style, elegant and comfortable, full of European customs.

is the most intimate bed of the doll, but they are three babies from one family, Serena, Nicky and Stoudemire, I think this should be a purple is a cute little princess.

went to the bathroom, gorgeous atmosphere at the same time, on the television on the bathtub wall soon gave me a surprise, this is the edge of bath while watching the New Year party rhythm! The feeling of the holiday is in the details!

Qidong Hengda sea Venezia Hotel has 581 sea view rooms, check in this day, turned out to be full room! It is a great honor for us to join the other more than and 500 families in the East China Sea for a year.