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Business Rommana Software provides use case management system and other artifacts that drive software design. The set of tools offered by the company focuses on clear documentation as well as perfect communication. Additionally, it defines an XML data model for requirements and use cases with XSLT providing multiple derived views such as HTML/SVG/PDF. There is other popular use case management system available in the market. But the Use Case Tools provided by Rommana Software is a powerful and easy to use system. It accommodates the specific tracking and reporting requirements. These tools are designed to meet the accountability requirements for several effective software solutions. Use case management system involves actors who are basically users of the system. They are actually user types or categories and these actors are external entities who act together with the system to achieve a desired goal. On one hand a use case describes a sequence of actions that provide something of considerable value to an actor and is drawn as a horizontal ellipse. Thus an actor is considered to be a person, organization, or external system that plays a role in one or more interactions with the system. On the other hand an association exists whenever an actor is involved with an interaction described by a use case. These actors and associations make the best of their project with the help of advanced Use Case Tools . Use Case Tools are superb way for managing the software project in an organization. Communication can be distinguished as perfect goals which are also a key element of use cases. The result is an easily used, recursive model that provides benefits outside requirements gathering. The goals structure is useful for project management, project tracking, staffing, and business process reengineering. In an use case management system if an actor supplies information, begins the use case, or receives any information as a result of the use case, then there should be an association between them. The following are the features of use case management system: 1.Requirements management 2.Manage stakeholders and actors 3.Write once use many concept for requirements (single source of truth) 4.XML data model for flexible integration and extension 5.Traceability central to the data model About the Author: 相关的主题文章: