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Web-Design The z-order feature gives layers more power as it allows you to position them without overlapping each other. By default new layers always appear on top of an existing layer, but by using the z-index attributes z-index, below or above, you can control the overlapping of layers. Inline Layers Inline layers are useful for positioning layers along with the normal content of the processing seo web design page unlike the absolute positioning of layers they can be relative to the content of the page. The tag starts with and ends with tag. Your inline layer can come. All the attributes of the tag are also valid for the tag. The only difference is when you use the top and left attributes to position the layer. This position is always relative to the place where it is inserted .The tag is often used to animate or do other text formatting in a web page. D HTML IN INTERNET EXPLORER Unlike D HTML for Netscape, d ht ml for internet explorer is not totally dependent on any one tag. Unlike Netscape, which uses only the layer tag, internet explorer uses ht ml tags like and to create dynamic content .internet uses the style object to create and manipulate content dynamically .similar to the layer tag attribute, style too needs an id or name attribute to refer to during scripting. The style object also contain s many properties ,and manipulating these properties ,you can alter an element in your London web design page and add interactivity to the site The table shown below lists some of the most commonly used properties. The properties shown above are the most commonly used ones. The basic syntax of manipulating any style property is the same .By using these properties; you can change the appearance of most ht ml elements. The above script first associates an id or name to the element, there fore assigning an id to the content of the tag. Then the statement adds the object to the element and then the property gives it a color .therefore, the flow for accessing an object would be something like element Making D HTML work for both internet explorer and Netscape While working on d html you should aim should aim to create cross browser scripts. The given below illustrates the method in which you can make your ht ml work for both IE and Netscape. In this we have a piece of ht ml that contains a block of text created using the tag. The reasons for using and is because Netscape reads an absolutely positioned the same as a layer The main issue comes when you intend changing the background color of this page you already know that to create the change for Netscape we will have to use the background color property as a part of the layer object, while for internet explorer it will have to be set to the style object. our script has to take into account not just this difference but also the fact that the background color property is named bi color in Netscape and background color for internet xplorer .therefore, the script will have to check for theses facts and display the relevant content depending upon the browser that it detects. Author bio My Web Factory; Web design Tips by London Web Design Experts offers a varied; web services including Web design London, SEO London , web development London. web design UK, seo UK, internet marketing UK and lots more to domestic and international clients. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: