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Womens-Issues Have you endured yeast infections before? Do you undergo any difficulties having them? You might not know it, but the clothes you wear actually play a big part in paving the way for yeast infections. Giving proper attention to clothing is only one of the general guidelines that you must follow to prevent yourself from having yeast infections. When you start to consider your clothing and give it the proper attention, you are starting to take the first steps in protecting yourself from yeast infection. It could also be that you are wearing the wrong types of clothing that make you susceptible to this kind of infection. Abiding to some principles would really help you in avoiding the said infections. Keep them in mind and try to abide by them. Make sure that you wear the right kind of underwear as this is the foremost thing that you must do. There is always a chance that you would contract yeast infections once you wear underwear of an inferior quality that exposes you to a much greater risk. Underwear that does not allow your skin to breathe easily is most likely to be made of a not breathable material. The yeast that builds up could not just pass through a material that does not breathe easily. Underwear that has a cotton crotch would surely help in getting rid of the moisture. You need to wear this type of underwear because it helps prevent the buildup of moisture which becomes the ideal breeding ground for yeasts. Another cause of yeast infection is the constant wearing of pantyhose. This is really tight, keeping the moisture in place which then provides a favorable environment for the growth of yeast. If the pantyhose is made from a material that does not breathe freely, it aids the growth of yeast. Some kinds of pantyhose dont have the correct crotch that enables dryness. When the pantyhose you wear has the right kind of crotch, it helps prevent moisture buildup, and ultimately yeast infections. One more thing that you need to avoid is tight fitting clothing. Skinny jeans and leggings are very popular and mostly used by women, but underlying harmful effect of yeast infection is sometimes neglected. These clothing may look good but they contribute in keeping the moisture in place, and ultimately in acquiring yeast infection. The best that you can do if you are undergoing a hard time because of yeast infections is to wear clothing that are made from breathable materials. Make sure that they are not too tight and that they would allow your skin to breathe in order to lessen or get rid of the moisture present. This is a baby step that you would be making to protect you from having yeast infections. About the Author: Effective Ways To Treat Infertility Naturally By: Ankita Garg – Today more than one out of six couple face problems in getting pregnant. 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