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Writing-and-Speaking If you are involved with search marketing, then you must learn what the mistakes are with Google’s Panda updates. To get organic traffic from the search engines, this is something you really need to understand. Low quality websites are generally at a crossing point that you should be careful at. If you want to, you could actually start over, creating everything with quality from the bottom up. If you want to get back in the game (though we don’t know exactly what you need to do) there are a few things that can help. You may have heard a lot about internal linking and not have received a good explanation about why it matters. Most of the time you will see things about how to do it and what tools you can use. Structuring this type of linking on your website is easy to do. There is lots of information on the topic. But it helps to know that a robust internal linking structure will help reduce your bounce rate. People won’t leave your site if you actually do a great job of linking relevant content together. This won’t work, however, if you are not giving people good content to read, or give them a reason to look around. If you have a great bounce rate, then Google will reward you for a job well done. If you have been purchasing backlinks to improve your SEO, this is a mistake that Google frowns upon highly. It is being highly targeted by Panda, making it hard to rank when buying back links in this manner. Buying high PR backlinks is something that people still do, as they are readily available on the net. Anyone that does this is risking quite a bit, especially if they do it regularly. Any website that offers backlinks is going to promote their services and be known on the World Wide Web. As you probably know, Google is not stupid – they will find these websites very easily. Beware of the possibility that the backlinks that you purchase from these websites can be traced directly to you. Having duplicate content on your site may be something you haven’t considered. You might have one article but two URLs leading to it. Whether you did it on purpose or not, your site will suffer as a result. Making this mistake is simpler than you might believe, especially with blogs. It’s related to how your page files are named and your categories. The result is two web addresses with the same content, even if you think you are doing a great job of organizing things. Errors related to the Panda updates can easily be avoided. Also, of course it becomes necessary to get up to speed with the whole Panda thing, the changes. Most people are likely experiencing problems with their backlinks since Google’s aim has been to solve the issue of low quality backlinks. Other traditional SEO matters have not been as affected as backlinking. You can attend to your backlinking situation after you have dealt with those matters. Google Panda is done by Google to make their search-engine healthier place for the people to look for. Once you have smacked by Google Panda update and you wish for more advices you inquire at Cloud Search Engine Optimization Melbourne Company group of SEO specialists. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: