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Clients Perspective On Choosing A .net Development Company Posted By: Abhishek Chakravarti The software development industry is fast paced and completely dependent on the acquisition of new clients as well as maintenance of their existing client base. As in any customer-centric industry, companies are extremely concerned with accurately determining the requirements of specific clients as well as client groups. In a recent conversation with one of my clients, we discussed about the factors which affect the decision of a client to engage the services of one specific .NET Development Company instead of another. Here I will discuss the highlights of the conversation, which I hope will act as a pointer for improving the overall level of services and competitiveness in your organization. Experienced Development Team Having an experienced development team is a crucial advantage in .NET development for any company. A team of experienced developers with a proven track record can provide clients with industry-leading solutions with maximum performance and minimum bugs/coding errors. Having a proven track record is similar to having a good CV; new clients are often impressed by such credentials and prefer such organizations. Fluency in Multiple Programming Languages A development team with members who are fluent in multiple languages such as ASP.NET, C#, Ajax, Java etc.Dot Net Development Company Software Development India Dot Net Development Company Top Prejudices Of Developers Regarding .net Apps Development Posted By: eXtendCode Many developers have fascination of working with particular platforms of languages, which often leads to a prejudice towards other platforms/languages that are utilized in and out of the workplace. This sort of prejudice often leads developers to make sweeping declarations, which are designed to justify their choice of application development platform. This has often been a leading cause of .NET hatred among my brethren. But many like me in the field of software development have grown to accept that the existence of a particular language or platform is contingent upon its ability to deliver specific solutions which either cannot be delivered by the other solutions in the market or provided in a manner as convenient by its competitors. There are of course some issues which many developers attempt to point out as drawbacks of a particular platform/OS or language and many a times they are correct. But not always though, here I will discuss some common misconceptions that developers tend to have regarding the .NET platform. It is Expensive The application development .NET software .net application development Software Companies Adapt For Custom Web Application Development. Posted By: magwebonline Web Services Are Platform Independent ASP.Net web development projects are employed in the turning project concepts or business ideas to reality. Web application development these days are incorporated by many software development companies to meet the project development of media, content owners, enterprise, and Telecom service providers. There are many a Net development company India, which does find a place for ASP.NET web development department. The Internet application development project usually develops a concept or idea and provides the IT solutions to the clients. All web development software companies with professional qualities alone can find success over the Internet development markets. The software company must be in a position to adapt latest technologies and meet the industry standards and build fast, secure, high performance scalable online applications. What kind of the Internet applications last for long? Online applications must be user-friendly, easily to navigate, suiting to the clients requirements. Internet services can be developed on any platform and hence it is not platform dependent, people can make use of ASP.Net, VB.Software development Application development Website Designing Software development 相关的主题文章: