Dangerous Driving Habits Of Teenage Drivers In Los Angeles 市长救火严重烧伤 阿东当选三沙市长

Teenagers, aged 16 to 19 years old, are three times more prone to vehicular crashes according to Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. Top reasons for teenage car crash range from intoxicated driving, speeding, and texting while driving. Intoxicated driving Teenagers are exposed to peers who are drinking alcohol or using substances. When intoxicated, the driver can suffer from dizziness and may lose focus on the road. Driving under Influence (DUI) is considered as a traffic law violation with stern court penalties. The California Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) has encouraged parents to supervise and mentor their teenagers on safe driving practices. Speeding Teenagers who race with their peers on streets are more likely to face road hazards such as an intersection crash. Speeding reduces the response time for avoiding collision. Motorcycle and bicycle riders are also faced with hazards when approaching a speeding teenage driver. It will be best to drive within speed limit and slow down when approaching an intersection to avoid catastrophic injuries. Have a second look on the left and right lane and see if a motorist is trying to make a turn. Yield and give way, especially at night when visibility is reduced. A speeding ticket can leave a permanent record on your driving history and may affect your cars insurance premium. Repeat violation of speeding law may cause your license to be suspended. When the collision caused by speeding has injured a pedestrian or other motorist, criminal penalties may apply. Texting while Driving Though hands-free cell phones are available and are at times already installed on cars, teenagers glance or attempt to respond to a Twitter or Facebook message. It takes five seconds of inattention to cause a fender bender or a rollover. It is best to keep the eyes on the road and concentrate on driving correctly. Even though teenagers have completed a course in driving or have received their driving license, they need plenty of practice and experience. The NHTSA and California DMV have encouraged parents to spend time mentoring their teenagers. Modeling helps teenagers learn actual solutions to road hazards. If your teenager happened to commit driving error and caused a collision, you can consult with a Los Angeles automobile accident attorney to help you recover damages for your injuries and losses. These reliable Los Angeles Personal Injury Attorneys can help you pursue your claim or represent you in a personal injury lawsuit. About the Author: Hazel Joy Crizaldo took up Journalism from a State University . She is a freelance writer who has written news, features, and creative articles. She concentrates on legal topics, including personal injury, labor and employment,social security and business law. 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