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Business To describe in a holistic way, engineering is the professional discipline that makes use of scientific know-how to multiple products, design structures and other industrial procedures that are targeted at servicing the economy. Today, as private corporations and government agencies outsource their engineering departments, engineering consultancy services have become indispensable. As a result, engineering consultants have expanded their presence and reach globally through strategic tie-ups and joint ventures. Today the engineering consultancy service industry is estimated to generate a revenue that would equal to approximately $29 billion by 2012. Furthermore, the revenue has expanded by an annual count of 5.0 percent over the last five years significantly surpassing the pace of GDP growth and expansion. The Engineering Consultancy Services Industry Defined Simply put, this industry comprises of engineering outsourcing companies and firms that supply to consultant-engineering services and to a lesser extent of quantity surveying services. The primary activities and practices involve design and management of construction and engineering infrastructure projects, industrial processes and equipment, aerospace parts and manufacturing and many more. The projects might comprise the provision of engineering devices, plans and designs, feasibility analysis, technical and manufacturing services. In this regard the engineering consultancy industry products and industry activities include the following: Industry Products * Project management * Project design and documentation * Asset management * Environmental services * Construction management * Quality management * Process management and design * Feasibility studies Industry Activities * Construction project management on a contract/fee basis * Civil engineering consulting * Electrical engineering consulting * Marine engineering consulting * Hydraulic and mechanical consulting that includes materials handling * Mining engineering consulting * Pipeline engineering consulting * Product design for fittings, equipment or machinery * Quantity surveying However, today there are leading global companies specializing in engineering services that offer outsourced engineering solutions and manufacturing and help global enterprises to establish their offshore manufacturing units at their Special Economic Zones. Furthermore, these companies support their end users to minimize the product development expenses, lessen the lead times, expand their capacity and increase engineering resource accessibility by offering assistance all through the product lifecycle from the design phase to the modeling phase. This is done through efficient prototyping, analysis, automation, instrumentation and controls, data documentation, embedded systems development, manufacturing assistance and efficient vendor management. Furthermore, these companies with their manufacturing services specialize in sheet metal fabrication, precision manufacturing, special processing, designing and developing tools, fixtures and gauges for aerospaces, industrial and automotive industry verticals. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: