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Business So, you really don"t know what is a smartphone? Smartphone ownership has exploded in recent years. One study found that almost 75% of people in the USA aged between 25 and 34 own a smartphone. So what is a smartphone exactly? They can be considered a computer that fits in your pocket. Indeed, today"s smartphones are more capable than PC"s were a decade ago, and they"ve shrunk in size considerably. Smart phones are much more than just a cellphone. Phone functionality is now just a tiny part of any mobile phone – they can now be thought of as computer devices with a phone being but a small feature. The most sought after features of any smart phone includes internet access, email, applications (apps), mobile TV, video and multimedia, audio playback, GPS, games, and much more. Up until recent years, having all this functionality in one device would have been near impossible technologically wise – and also extremely expensive. One very attract feature of smart phones is their ability to sync your data between your computer and phone. You can sync multiple accounts such as email, messaging services, Facebook, RSS feeds and so on. This means that the data you see at your phone or on your computer is always the most up to date. Using a smartphone as a camera, particularly with the popularity of Instagram and Facebook, is universal. Smart phones now make up a huge proportion of "camera" sales worldwide, and millions of photos taken with smart phones are posted to the web daily. The quality of these inbuilt cameras is now excellent, with many having a megapixel count to rival that of dedicated digital cameras. These days, you can purchase a smartphone at very affordable prices, or obtain them on cellphone plans with carriers, where you are often paying nothing at all upfront for the device itself. Currently there are a number of different operating systems – generally phone makers select which operating system they will use across their range. The highly popular Google Android operating system is used by a number of cellphone makers such as Samsung and Sony Ericsson. Nokia utilizes a Windows mobile operating system, and there is also the Blackberry OS device. In addition, the Apple iPhone is also considered a smartphone and was the first device to be released in the general format we are familiar with today. Smartphones always have a QWERTY keyboard, which is the same one that you are used to using on your computer. Compared with older mobile phones, this makes it much easier to type and to use the intended functions of a smart phone, such as email. Some of the top rated smartphones providers currently available are: Apple iPhone Samsung Galaxy Motorola Droid LG Optimus Nokia There are also dozens of other current models, and it can be daunting trying to select the right one for you. The first step is to decide which operating system you prefer – Android, Windows, Apple or Blackberry? Once you"ve narrowed that choice down, the handset options become smaller and thus, easier to decide on. The Apple App Store and Google Play are two of the biggest marketplaces for smartphone apps. You can access them either via your phone, or from your computer. Many applications are free, whilst others cost a few dollars or more. Apps can include games, office related applications, web browsers, and useful apps relating to movies, shopping, traveling and so on. The sheer number of apps available and their uses has become massive, and there"s virtually an app available for just about anything you want to do on your smart phone. Smart phones are advanced, useful devices that allow you to streamline your life, your interests and your work all in one. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: