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54.6% of respondents parents want to send their children abroad — Education — people.com.cn original title: 54.6% of respondents parents want to send their children abroad cartoon: Song Hongbing recently, a study on adolescent children education TV "farewell" hot screen. In reality, more and more qualified parents are willing to send their children abroad early to receive foreign education. However, some people think that children will not adapt to the situation abroad, life can not take care of themselves, etc.. The Ministry of education had also expressed disapproval, do not encourage children to go abroad. At present, how the parents of young children to study abroad? Last week, China youth daily social investigation center through the network questionnaire, a survey of 2001 parents, 54.6% parents to send their children abroad, the parents of 4.3% children have to go abroad, the parents of 40.5% children are ready to go abroad. 35.5% of parents are not going to send their children abroad. 51% of the parents consulted their children before going abroad. The parents of the children surveyed by the state of education were: preschool children accounted for 24.7%, accounting for 33.4% of primary school, junior high school accounted for 20.6%, high school accounted for 9.7%, accounting for undergraduate college graduates accounted for 8.2%, accounting for. 42% parents in their children’s primary school for their preparation for the investigation abroad, 54.6% of parents want to send their children abroad, of which 14.8% of parents would like to, more than 39.8% of the parents want to. 22.6% of parents generally. 15.2% of parents do not want to, and 7.6% of parents do not want their children to go abroad. Working in Beijing Chen Jing (a pseudonym) last weekend just took the time to participate in the promotion of an intermediary organization. She told reporters that in September the daughter to junior high school, she and her husband decided to send her daughter go abroad in high school, now to prepare early". "We all felt that it would be very good for her to build a character with a different culture. Junior high school children are still small, but also in adolescence, mood swings are relatively large, she went out we do not rest assured." Think for a long time, Chen Jing think high school to send their children abroad is a good opportunity. Data show that the parents surveyed, the children have to go abroad accounted for 4.3%, the child has not yet been abroad, is preparing for the total of 40.5%, do not intend to send their children to go abroad accounted for about 35.5%, not to mention accounted for 19.7%. Further cross analysis shows that with the increase of the child’s education stage, the child will be sent to the parents abroad. In children who have gone abroad, the preschool period accounted for 1.8%, accounting for 3.2% of the primary school, junior high school accounted for 4.9%, showing an increasing trend. The proportion of undergraduate and graduate students reached 16% and 26.1%. Academy of Social Sciences published "China International Development Report (2015)" shows that compared with 2012, 2015 at home and abroad to university to finish high school students decreased from 61% to 44%, the proportion of students abroad in high school has risen from 17% to 27%. More than 1/3 of students plan to go abroad to study in high school or matriculation and language school. To make)相关的主题文章: