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Presentation Conferences are not just held by large multi-national companies anymore. Conferences for smaller numbers and smaller businesses are now very common and expectations of a conference have also moved on. As with many areas of business, technological advances are continuing to be integrated, none more so than the ever growing conferencing market. It wasnt long ago that black boards, conventional white boards and flip charts were common sights. Over head projectors and then digital projectors followed. Now there are integrated audio visual, or AV, installations that can really make a difference at a conference, meeting or pitch to a prospective client. There are various audio visual and sound system installation packages available, many of which are tailor made to each specific requirement. For example, a large conference room can have 3 separate audio visual installations enabling the room to be divided into three, acoustically isolated rooms for hire to individual groups. Such installations can be operated completely independently but also have the ability for all of the projection systems to display the same image when the main hall is completely open for large delegations. Plasma screens can be installed into conferencing suites and offices for a truly professional look and can really get a message across, a picture paints a thousand words. These systems can be cleverly installed so when not in use, they are completely disguised. To further engage delegates and in addition to an audio video installation, interactive whiteboards can be used to energise presentations and motivate learners. Interactive whiteboards combine the simplicity of a whiteboard with the power of a computer and engages students and audiences. The touch-sensitive display connects to your computer and digital projector to show your computer image. You can then control computer applications directly from the display, write notes in digital ink and save your work to share later. And what is a huge plus point with these interactive whiteboards is that if a person can use a computer, they can use one of these systems. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: