“We can expect a strong growth of Internet usage in the next 2 years thanks to the favorite products of the technology consumers in Vietnam 章莹颖家人公开信 河北车祸10人死

Games Nielsen’s research includes the statistics are taken from "Report on the use of online media in Southeast Asia" found that only 2 out of 5 Internet users in Vietnam (equivalent to 41%) access the Internet using mobile phones. Forecasting the future, Vietnam will become a mobile Internet market has growth potential in the region. According to this study, in 2011 only 21% of consumers own a mobile phone capable of Internet connections, nearly 46% who intend to buy smart phones this year. And all of them like play mobile game Mr. Darin Williams, Nielsen Vietnam General Director, said: "Consumers Vietnam to buy technology products and prefer to remain connected even though the prices of these commodities is higher than countries in East South Asia ". According to his analysis of Williams, one of the great advantage of Vietnam’s market is not facing the problems caused by outdated technology – an issue most Western countries and developed countries developed or encountered. Although only a small percentage compared to other countries, but those who love technology products in Vietnam has owned the latest smartphone or are planning to buy them in the near future. One point worth noting is the number of people using social networks and the proportion of very large majority of Internet users (96%) had visited a social networking site. Nielsen said Internet users in Vietnam also interact with the company through most social networks. In addition, Internet users are also affected most compared to Southeast Asia by the information posted on social networking, with 58% of people believe in the online reviews online, 81% use social networking Assembly as an incentive to the purchase decision. Nielsen Vietnam have been analyzed by rapid rise of the level of mobile Internet use in Vietnam, the issue of online interaction with customers is the banking business and special interest. Any business / brand you want to make a breakthrough from the saturation and strong competition is the business / brand viability and active on social networks are your favorite online community, such as Facebook, as well as other social networking model in Vietnam like tai game pikachu . "This does not stop at advertising to consumers, but also education and building community around a brand and corporate mission," said Williams identified in the report of Nielsen. The group of commercial banks in the country seems to be preparing for a big competition with aggressive investment based on the rise of mobile Internet in our country. Mobile banking services new version of the International Bank (VIB) will be introduced to the market, was developed on the basis of modern technology by the Commonwealth Bank of Australia (CBA) transfer. CBA is the bank won the award for e-banking services of one of Australia in 2011. Bank of Australia is a strategic shareholder of VIB, with the percentage of shares held is 20%, after the completion of 1,150 billion VND to invest more to increase the percentage of share ownership in banks from 15% to Vietnam 20% in 10/2011. Thanks to this mobile banking service, bank customers can actively manage accounts, balance inquiries, transfer funds free banking system. They can also credit card payment, payment of electricity bills, mobile recharge anytime relatively easily on mobile phones. A bank employee said cheerfully, with a simple "touch" on the iPhone in the mobile banking / pay phone service can help "save" a cashier to customer knocking on doors in the evening! Trend may have noticed most of the banks in Vietnam and is now deployed mobile banking services, with the expectations created greater convenience for customers. This emerging trend is likely even hotter in the future. Mr. Richard Harris, Director of VIB Bank’s Retail said: "We can expect a strong growth of Internet usage in the next 2 years thanks to the favorite products of the technology consumers in Vietnam, as well as improved living standards. " About the Author: 相关的主题文章: