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Travel-and-Leisure Located along the Western Ghats of India at the shore of the beautiful Arabian Sea, Kerala is one from the many tourist places in India that draws the attention of thousands and hundreds of tourists from all over the globe. It is naturally gifted with breathtaking panoramas of exotic fauna and flora, paddy field, green rolling tea plantations, garrulous waterfalls, scenic brooks, greeneries view, endless swaying coconut palms. The scintillating backwater dotted with heavenly swaying coconut trees and the tempting natural surrounding make the backwater the most sought after destination among tourists for a vacation in Kerala. An interlinked water ways are called backwaters which offers a breathtaking local that one experience through well-organized houseboats. The Backwaters have some unique attractions which lures numerous visitors in every year. These backwaters are spread around 1900 Km and have vast networks with waterways, inlets, lagoons, brooks, canal and tarns. The backwaters of Kerala are blessed with magnificent charm, amazing natural beauty and enchanting ambiance for visitors. The long swaying coconut palms, exotic fauna and flora, paddy field, cascading waterfall and under water creature makes backwater a perfect destination to enjoy vacation in wonderful way. Some of the popular and most sought after backwater destinations are Alleppey, Kumarakom, Cochin, Kuttanad, Kollam, Kasargod and Kozhikode. Alleppey is a beautiful and perhaps the most visited backwater destination which has gained reorganization as the main backwater destination of Kerala. Alleppey is enchantingly beautiful dotted with swaying coconut trees, blossoming gardens and greenery. Besides the natural beauty, it is also famous for coir industry and the boat races which held here every year during the Onam festival. Munnar is another favourite tourist hot spot of this state. It is a lovely hill stations which is one of the best hill towns in entire India. Munnar is situated at elevation of 1600 meter above the sea level and is home to several beautiful natural attractions. The lakes, green enrolling hills, well organized tea gardens, aromatic coffee and spice plantation, lush green meadows, picturesque landscapes are truly sheer wonder which are really most captivating. Kerala offers a range of culinary tastes. You have a variety of sweet tasting payasams or pradhamans, dishes spiced with hot chilies, pepper, ginger, rice preparations like poottu, appam, dosa, paththiri, and the list is endless and the preparation and taste varies from one place to another. Biriyani and Pulav are two rice varieties. This small but lovely state has infinite diversity while it comes to food. All in all, Kerala is one of the most picturesque travel destinations in the world which is visited by lots of tourists every year from all over the globe. The rich heritage, unique culture and the fascinating lifestyle of the people are truly worth visiting. Speckled with stunning beaches, exotic wildlife, cascading waterfalls, picturesque lakes, serene hill stations, beautiful backwaters and colourful festivals, Kerala has something for everyone. A paradise for romantic tourists and honeymooners, the state never fails to impress even the loners. Out from a busy schedule, Kerala tour would be a great break for rejuvenation. Your visit to Kerala will be an amazing and most cherishable experience with the hill, rivers, and backwaters contributing to fun and excitement. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: