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Shopping-and-Product-Reviews The advent of the internet has sounded the death knell of bookshops. The number of bookshops has halved and there are many cities and towns where there are no bookshops at all. However, the closing of bookshops cannot kill the passion for reading. Though most people equate the closing of bookstores to the death of reading, it is not really so as books continue to enthrall readers of all ages. Though the internet led to the closure of bookshops, it has on the other hand led to the opening of online books stores. Just as any regular bookshop where one can find different categories of books neatly stacked and displayed, in an online bookshop one can see the same. However, both differ in one aspect. In most regular bookshops, books are generally classified into fiction and nonfiction thereby making selection of books extremely difficult. However, in online bookstores, books are classified into various categories so that people can easily select books of their choice. The following are some of the categories of books available online. Fiction It is further sub categorized into historical, contemporary, suspense, police procedural, adventure, epic, romance, paranormal, adult, women sleuths, fantasy, space opera, Spanish, regency, high tech, futuristic, time travel and so on. This helps to narrow down your search for fiction books further. Biography This is further categorized into British, actors and actresses, rock, holocaust, classical composers, baseball, physicians, pop, west, jazz, inventors, nurses and so on. Children Books As for children books, people can easily buy books of children choice since the sub category includes historical, friendship, earth sciences, dogs, emotions and feelings, environment, dinosaurs, marine life, astronomy, bible stories and birds. Body, Mind and Spirit As far as books on body, mind and spirit are concerned, there are lots of books available dealing with spiritualism, therapies, and experiences. In a regular bookshop, it is an uphill task to find a book on a subject of our choice. However, in an online bookshop, one can easily find books related to Reiki, horoscopes, shamanism, telepathy, palmistry, near death experience, out of body experience and so on. Study Aids and Reference Materials Online bookstore is extremely useful for those seeking study aids and references on education, cooking, gardening, performing arts, psychology, nature, philosophy, photography and pets. Art and Architecture Since in an online bookshop, books related to art and architecture is further sub divided into ancient, classical, medieval, renaissance, surrealism, Dadaism, impressionism and so on, it makes the search a lot more refined. Hence, there is no need of book lovers to get disheartened with the closure of bookshops since online shopping takes the pain away from buying books. Just buy books online and get books at discount rates. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: