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Insurance Health insurance is very important because of the many ways in which it can bring down costs. With rising medical costs, it is not possible to bear even a routine treatment expense. Imagine the case of small family wherein the earning member was to succumb to a sudden health problem; it will be difficult to cope with the situation on the financial front. Heath insurance helps face such problem with its coverage. Why Should You Opt For A Comprehensive Policy? A comprehensive health insurance policy is one that offers 360 degree protection. It pays for so many different types of medical bills, enabling you to cope with various types of expenses that are likely to occur when you are hospitalized. It is best to opt for this plan because of the way it can reduce medical costs. In a sudden case of severe illness, it will help your family cope with the stress of the situation by bringing down the financial strain. There are so many different types of cover offered by the policy. It pays for medical treatment expenses, hospitalization expenses, expenses incurred before and after hospitalization, day-care procedures. If you opt for add-ons you can get many sundry expenses also covered which can occur when you are hospitalized. For example, you can opt for ambulance cover, cover for home nursing, childrens education grant and much more. What Is Critical Illness Cover And Its Many Benefits? One of the key covers that it offers is for critical illness. In the event that you are diagnosed with a severe health problem, you can make a claim against the policy for which you will get a lump sum. This money can be used to not just meet treatment expenses, but also run the family. It will help meet childrens school fees, credit card fees, loan installments and much more. The only requirement in getting payment is that the critical illness of the insured must fall under the list of critical illnesses cover by the insurer. Make Investment Into A Health Policy To Save On Tax A comprehensive policy not only helps to meet your medical treatment expenses, it is also a good tax investment option. You can use it to bring down tax expenses under Section 80D of the Income Tax Act. You can bring down tax expenditures by making an investment into a health policy for yourself and for your entire family. How To Apply For A Health Policy? Applying for a policy is easy as all you have to do is visit the insurance companys website. It will have an online application form that has to be filled with details and submitted. Policy documents will be sent to your email id or by post. You can make premium payments online through debit card, credit card and online net banking facility. Renewal can also be done at the end of the year online. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: