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Internet-and-Business-Online SEO consulting for your small company may seem like a service that is out of reach and even out of budget for small companies but it can make all the differance in the world for your online prescence and marketing campaigns. SEO consulting is worth the added expense for the vast array of benefits it provides. Here are four reasons small companies need SEO consulting. SEO Consulting Tip #1: It Can Create a Positive ROI in Months, Not Years The whole reason to do search engine optimization (SEO) is because it can help a company be more easily found on Google and other search engines. When companies sell products online, the most important thing they can ever do to survive and thrive is to be found at the top of the search engine results page. If companies are on page two, they might as well not be on the Internet at all. Studies have shown that users rarely go past the first page of search results. Page two is rarely visited, and if a company is on page three, they might as well be selling televisions to the Amish. SEO Consulting Tip #2: The SEO Learning Curve Is Fairly Steep Search engine optimization is rather complicated and requires in-depth knowledge. While anyone can learn to do it, it takes months and months of reading, implementing the lessons, monitoring, measuring the results, tweaking the parameters, remeasuring the results, and constantly tweaking and measuring, especially when there are major changes to the search engine algorithms. SEO consulting is a full-time job for a reason. This is not necessarily knowledge that can be picked up by reading a book. It requires constant learning and testing. SEO Consulting Tip #3: SEO Tactics Change Constantly Search engines are always trying to provide the best possible experience for users that they can. If a user has a good experience during one search, they will be back for another. And then another. Pretty soon, they are regular users of that search engine, which means the search engine can continue to serve up their ads, which is how they make money. In order to get people to use that search engine, they constantly work to provide the best experience possible. This means they are constantly working to weed out spammers, eliminating unimportant or useless websites, and making sure the Internet experience is as useful and enjoyable as possible. All of these changes can have serious ramifications on a website’s search ranking. This is why SEO consulting is a full-time job. The SEO consulting professional is constantly keeping up with changes in the industry via articles, white papers, and blogs. They know that any information in a book is usually out of date before it is ever printed. The SEO consultant is always keeping up with these changes, which is something that a part-time practitioner just is not able to manage. SEO Consulting Tip #4: Search Engine Optimization Takes a Lot of Time Search engine optimization is one of those tasks that usually get relegated to the bottom of the to-do list. It is one of those tasks that most everyone agrees is important, but there are always meetings to take, phone calls to make, copy to write, and sales to close. As well-intentioned as the business owner is, search engine optimization will always take a back seat to the meetings, phone calls, office tasks, and sales, which means it will never get done. And by the time the owner has time to do everything — because sales and phone calls have slowed down, thanks to a poor search engine ranking — it is already too late. The months they should have spent optimizing their website are now lost, and it will take several more months for an SEO consulting professional to repair the damage. But by then, sales may have slowed to a deadly pace, and the business owner is looking for a quick fix just to keep the business going. SEO consulting is not something a business owner can ignore or trivialize, not if they want their business to succeed. If a business needs to make a great impression online, an SEO consulting professional can really save their bacon. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: