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Customer Service You may find that scientists separate indoor flowers according to their sensitiveness to the light on photophilous, shade-requiring and umbraticole. The major part of indoor flowers is light-requiring, usually they develop better in bright surrounding. Of course it will be good if you will supply photophilous plants with good lighting. The greatest location for shade-requiring plants is northern and western window sills. If you will provide such plants with plenty of illumination it will cause the reduction of chlorophyll grains in their cells and their leaves will become brighter. And dark conditions will make their leaves of deep green color. Some flowers need to be protected from the direct sunlight in summer. This is natural when the light that is permeating through your window lights a plant from one side, but not from the top. But the number of diffused light that enters the place is different on the similar window that differs the lighting conditions of flowers. All parts of a room take a bit of light, especially if this room has black furniture and wallpapers. Therere much more illumination in bright color places. If you want to receive some kind of plants you need just to enter Russian flowers into the search field of your web browser. Also you must know that in summer you must secure some flowers from light at 10 a.m. 4 p.m. After the day of autumnal equinox plants should be transferred into a condition of peace and substitute light must be used. It is suitable to use daylight lamp power W 20-40 for this purpose. That lamp should be placed not closer than 10 cm from flowers. Lamps should be switched on when it begins to be dark outside, and left them on to make the day to be ten or twelve hours long. This procedure must continue till middle March gradually diminishing and at least stopped. Flowers set in the depths of a room on furniture, tables, shelves, holders need much more assistance during the year, so they are situated under the light, sometimes even with reflectors. There are a plenty of flower delivery in Moscow may be found on the internet. For light, warm and arid atmosphere are recommended succulent plants with bold leaves and stems, as well as cacti plants accustomed to dry atmosphere. During the whole year cactuses can blossom. Some kinds of cacti can create 1-3 blossoms and others may do tens. You may see that the flowers of various cacti smell of vanilla, lilac, apple and so on. Also theres a great variety of plants that like dark, not warm and dry places. They are usually plants with the leathery, strong, sleek and dark green leaves. This colour is connected with the presence of large quantity of chlorophyll. The plants that are of moist origin of tropical forests will be suitable for humid place with usual temperature of 20-25 centigrade degrees. Most of these plants have thin, tender leaf plates of different forms, all shades of green. Structure (construction) of leaves and stems is very different. This is good for you to create various compositions in the apartment. You can also enter flowers St Petersburg in the web seek line to receive flowers. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: