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Automobiles The auto industry seems to be shrinking. Not economically we already went through that during the recession and especially during the 2009 sales year. Im talking about the Alice in Wonderland kind of shrinking, like every car has eaten its own special cake to shrink down to size. If you look at the state of the driving market, thats definitely where we are and where we continue to head. And why exactly are we headed that way? Well, call it consumer conscientiousness, but people are really attracted to the new small car movement because of the effect it has on fuel economy and the environment. And consumers were crying out for it for several years before it finally pounded through the thick skulls of the automakers when the recession came around. Your Chicago Mercedes dealer is about to make a play for that lucrative small car market. Mercedes already has big plans to launch the Smart ForFour, sub-C-Class AMG, a car that is still in development but seems to have a good amount of momentum behind it. Honestly, it makes sense; the luxury market is a bit behind the curve in breaking into engine technology that provides a good mix of fuel efficiency AND power. And for awhile, the technology wasnt there for Chicago Mercedes drivers. But, engines continue to get better and better. Mercedes also has plans for a BLK aimed at Mini Countryman and X1 crossovers. Well, at least Mercedes is taking the competition head on, and your Chicago Mercedes dealer is a big fan of the power grab. The chain of command has certainly been difficult to follow, with Mercedes beginning on a path to trump BMW, who were working to stay ahead of Audi. And, really, Audi had been behind BMW and kicked their own small car campaign into gear in order to catch up. Your Chicago Mercedes dealer isnt stopping to catch a breath, expecting a sub-1 series car as an answer to the Audi A1, a car that was gunning for the Mini. It looks like Mercedes is also in the process of developing a sub A-class car to compete directly with the Megacity EV. Chicago Mercedes drivers might have trouble keeping up with this breathtaking competition, but they stand to benefit greatly in the end. In the end, it all really comes down to fuel efficiency, even for the rich and powerful. Luxury comes with a price tag, but that doesnt mean you have to empty your pockets every time you roll into the gas station. Chicago Mercedes drivers know that it takes a lot to power a high-performing Mercedes vehicle, and they arent the slightest bit upset about the German automakers bid for the small car market. While the development of many of these cars is still making its way through the rumor mill, these are likely innovations in the coming years of the Mercedes brand. Lets be honest; you have to plan innovation pretty far in advance these days to stay ahead of the game. As a legendary car maker, keep Mercedes in mind when youre predicting the future of the industry. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: