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Resumes-Cover-Letters For many people, the garden is an extension of the home; a living area to be beautified just as they would want to decorate the interior of their house. The real beauty of the garden emanates from the well-designed layout, the greenery and the flowers, the trees, the lawn, and the terrace or patio. Such beauty can be brought to life by the birds and butterflies that visit the garden. It can also be further enhanced by the choice and use of garden dcor. There are all sorts of garden dcor to utilize when you want to improve or redesign your garden. The use of the word ‘decor’ is traditionally used for the decoration of a house interior, incorporating everything from the furniture to the paint on the wall, there is no reason that a garden, an extension of the home living space, should not also be considered in the same way. In this article, we shall use the terms garden dcor to signify the decorations that are included or added to the garden, both for functional and aesthetic purposes. Statues Statues go way, way back to ancient times as a popular decor item for any area. There are classical statues that are created for adorning stately homes, mansions, public sites, memorials, etc. But they have found their own niche as garden decor in the modern and smaller garden. These come in varied styles, such as cherubs and angels. Other popular designs include cats, dogs, lions, frogs, and other domestic or wild animals. Waterfalls and Fountains Experienced landscape artists know that a garden’s appearance and ambience can be significantly enhanced by the addition of water elements. Most people appreciate both the sight and sound of water, which is also a big help if you want to relax. In fact, I know I am not the only person in the world who finds it relaxing sitting or strolling by water. Artificial fountains and waterfalls can make an impressive difference to your garden. These are well worth considering to help turn your garden into a complete outdoor haven. Planters The containers or planters used for some of your plants can be important decorative pieces in any garden, especially for those with terraces or patios. Some people even consider planter gardening as a specific type of gardening in itself. You will find many books on the subject to choose the best plants to grow in a confined planter. You will find a wide range of designs, made from a choice of materials. There are attractive containers in concrete, fiberstone, fibreglass and plastic. Other Items Don’t let yourself be limited to what I have mentioned here. There is no end to the possibilities of what you can use to decorate the garden. For particular holidays, such as Christmas and Valentine’s Day, you may find ornaments and decorations to create a relevant theme. You can also get pieces that play dual roles as functional and decorative elements, like garden lighting or bird houses. Allow your imagination some leeway as you design your garden, and observe from visiting public gardens, read magazines, and browse the Internet. Chances are, you can come up with a unique mixture of garden dcor that will reenergize your garden and become the envy of your friends and neighbors. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: