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Career As An Air Hostess Part – 2 Posted By: Anir ban (A) Study Route Class XII with in any discipline. After class XII A graduation in any subject will do. There are, however, some carriers which insist on a diploma in either hotel or tourism management. But what you really need to make a mark in this field is a mix of right personality, aptitude, skills and attitude. One other thing that the most airlines insist on is that the candidate must not be married at the time of appointment. You definitely get an edge if you are fluent in a foreign language other than English. An Airhost need not be beautiful or glamorous and charming but she/he must be a height of 160 cm and well-groomed look is important. Focused preparation before taking the plunge increases the chances of success and it is here that training institutes come into the picture. You may consider the following institutes: 1.)Air Hostess Academy 48 Ring Road, Lajpat Nagar-III New Delhi -110024 Ph: 29832771-75,29837481-89 2.)Frankfinn Institute of Airhostess Training M-5 Bhawani House, NDSE-II New Delhi -110049 Ph: 51643085/86. 26266900/901 3.)Global Institute B-! /637,Janakpuri, Main Najafgarh Road, New Delhi-58 4.Air Hostess air hostess academy air hostess course Air Ho Air Hostess Aviation Security The British American Security Expert Perspective Posted By: Dr Mark Yates The introduction of a new aviation security human x-ray machine installed at Manchester England International airport caused a huge surge in the number of passengers voicing concerns about big brother intrusion. aviation security consultants are stating, it appears many passengers resent the fact that aviation and transportation security has been taken a step too far. The new xray security machine scans passenger’s right down to their birthday suit. Many aviation security passengers are fearful that aviation and transportation security may be taking aviation and security too far. These new security in aviation strategies have attracted the attention of the media and the BBC in particular. After the national media reported the negative aspects of self conscious aviation passengers feeling uncomfortable at the thought of any aviation security officer being able to view them in all their naked glory, the BBC contacted me to provide a live radio discussion about aviation security. At 2-15pm on October 14th 2009 I provided a live online radio discussion for the BBC WM midlands radio station. The thrust of the discussion focussed on the increase in security in aviation, airports security and xray security.aviation security British American Security Expert aviation security consultants aviation security international aviation and transportation security aviation security 相关的主题文章: