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Travel-and-Leisure If you are going on a trip, whether for business or pleasure, it’s imperative to get travel insurance. International travels require more so since risks and dangers are heightened as the distance of your travel goes farther. One type of insurance that you must get is the trip cancellation insurance. This type of policy protects you financially in case you need to cancel the trip prior to departure. Financial reimbursement is guaranteed as long as you cancel for a valid reason. Valid reasons differ per insurer but the common reasons generally covered include illness, injury, death of family member, and injury, sickness, or death of traveling companion. Most policies would require the ill or injured party to see a doctor and get a certification that he/she is too sick or disabled to pursue the trip. You must also call up your insurance provider before the schedule of your departure in order for you to avail the benefits of this policy. Some insurers include coverage of trip interruption due to storms. This means that if your trip is cancelled because of a storm, you may claim for damages for cancelled flight and hotel booking reservation. Some people wonder if it is possible to buy this type of policy when a typhoon is already forming. If the weather reports anticipate storms brewing in your location or in your destination, you can avail trip cancellation insurance and claim benefits for it. However, this ultimately depends on the insurance companies. Some would allow this as long as you purchase the policy before the storm has been named. After that, you can no longer avail such policy. If you’re able to avail the insurance right before the storm is named, you will get reimbursement for the non-refundable and prepaid costs of the trip. Another essential thing to note is that some insurers don’t honor the cancellation coverage unless the hotel you’ve booked for is completely uninhabitable. In most insurance companies, this term is much different from uncomfortable or inconvenient. According to the HTH Worldwide Trip Protector’s policy certificate, this term refers to dwellings that are not suitable for human occupancy as per local public safety guidelines. Because of these, you need to remember that each package is different so you need to carefully study the list of reasons covered before you buy this policy. If you suspect that your trip may be cancelled because of the weather reports and you buy trip cancellation insurance without studying thoroughly its coverage, you might be surprised when the insurer denies your claim for reimbursement for your cancelled trip. Not only that, you must also never forget to examine and understand the fine print. Sometimes, the coverage includes a particular situation but then you’ll be surprised when your specific situation doesn’t apply to it. For example, there’s one travel insurance policy that covers medical evacuation but it is stated in the policy’s fine print that medical evacuation is only available for the first half of the trip. If the emergency occurs during the latter part of the vacation, the insurer will not shoulder the expenses for the evacuation procedure. Things like this are stated in the fine print so you must read through it carefully. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: