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UnCategorized More and more companies are discovering the benefits offered by outsourcing contact centers to the Philippines. Even if these contact centers offer cheaper labor costs, superb customer service should never be forgotten along the process. To ensure this, the following steps may be undertaken. Empower the employees to work superbly. Excellent customer service is a matter of culture. If this culture is developed in the organization, well and good, it will reap its benefits in terms of better satisfaction of customers and the better reception of people to the company. In addition to this, the employees are usually the ones who directly work with customers in the delivery of customer service. Hence, if they are not prepared, then the customers might never come back again. Make information readily available in the organization. In this generation, information has become very powerful and at the same time, it has become way easier to acquire thanks to the Internet. The information found in the Internet, however, tend to be not very fresh. In addition to that, there are employees who do not know where to turn to in the Internet to acquire important information. The organization therefore can print a newsletters whether on paper or online so that information is readily shared in the organization. Instill passion and commitment in the contact center agents. Passion and commitment! Big words! Yet they are difficult to implement in the real world. No matter how long the process may take, passion and commitment should be instilled in the employees. Without it, they would simply speak words and spiels without conviction. Customer service then becomes bland and scripted. But it doesn’t work that way. Excellent customer service requires rewarding good performance and reprimanding those that are lagging behind in their commitment to the company. Through such rewards system, the employees will be able to share the commitment and passion of those who founded the company. Hence, contact center agents, together with other employees will be able to enjoy superb customer service because everyone shares the passion and commitment of the company. Transformation Takes Time. Changes in the organization can only be felt after some time. Overnight changes will escape as fast as the way they entered the scene. What is needed therefore is a long-term plan for the transformation of the organization. It is therefore impossible to expect change within 3 days or even a week. But as long as the organization is investing on transformation and is implementing such plans even gradually, they are well ahead on the road to change. Plan for the Unplanned. There will always be mitigating circumstances in any organization willing to implement change. The unexpected should also be included in the plan. More than just that, the foreseeable difficulties should be identified so that contingency plans will be established. These principles may appear to be simple. However, applying them is difficult. Also, even if you are successful in what you do, it might be difficult to think about change and improvement because of the comfort zone. If these principles, however, are applied, then contact centers can achieve greater levels of growth. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: