the balance in the placement of items worth noting. 3. Speed When the full charge 重庆新任公安局长 马伊琍谈陈道明

Automobiles There are several things to consider before and during travel, especially travel. Must be ensured that the tires in top condition and fit for use. For that there are some things that must be considered. 1. Wind Pressure Tire pressure should be adjusted to the charge. Should follow the established standards, should not be less or more. This is related to the extent of the contact area of tire treads with the road surface in order to generate maximum grip. When this happens, it will be longer tire life and certainly more secure in driving. 2. Load Adjust the maximum weight capability of tires with the weight of goods transported into a necessity. Therefore, it is recommended that the charge does not exceed the maximum capacity of tires. If violated, then the safety while driving is at stake. Recommendations were also made, in laying out the goods, the balance in the placement of items worth noting. 3. Speed When the full charge, then there must be tolerance of vehicle speeds. The heavier the load, the acceleration and braking must be considered. The heavier the load the car, the tire cengkereman power on the wane. Practically, the speed must be reduced in order to remain safe during the journey. 4. Driving Style Aggressive driving style is not allowed when I travel. Heavy load on the vehicle makes the car easy to lose control of the main causes. In addition, the density of the road would endanger the safety of other road users. Follow the traffic rules and always be alert to the conditions around the major key. Safe Driving Tips: Car Tire Check Then on the condition of how a decent tire to be replaced? The main thing is pay attention to his physical condition. If the physical condition of your tires is the same as the trace below, do not delay to buy new tires. TWI (Tread Wear Indicator) Take a look at the sign on the wall tire TWI (marked with small triangles). Then note the transverse line between the tire tread. What is the tire tread thickness is close to the line TWI aka thinning. If so, immediately bought a new tire. If forced to will affect handling and braking capabilities. Even the ability to dispose of tires in the water is greatly reduced. Torn This condition can occur when the tire hit a sharp object on the walls. Sobek with this condition can not be repaired. If it is so, then the proper tire replaced while TWI is still quite thick. Bump Check the walls and the tread of tires. If a lump is found, then the potential blow-out can occur without warning. Bumps occur due to rupture of steel wire construction in the rubber tire and inflate because of the pressure that comes from within. Fine cracks Antioxidant power contained in the ozone affected tires, tire pressure, and cleanliness tires (exposed soil, mud, etc.). If these factors are not addressed then the power of antioxidants on the tire will experience a decline in quality that causes fine cracks tires. Often Leaks Ban that too often get the patch has the potential to leak immediately. So gantilan tire. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: