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Self-Improvement Life is filled with glorious and not so glorious experiences. What constitutes lows for each person varies. For some, the smallest things may set them off. For instance, the weather may put a damper on their day, or someone says something that sends them into a frenzy. Perhaps something goes wrong at work or home that leaves them sputtering or stewing, or maybe they have to wait in line, or someone cuts them off while driving or takes a parking space, etc. For others these may seem trivial compared to losing a job, loved one, or coping with addictions or illnesses. Perhaps you or someone you know is going through depression, anxiety, a phobia, or is diagnosed with a life altering or threatening disease or disorder. What makes or breaks a day for each person is different, yet often brings about the same uncertainties and emotional anguish. What if you could turn your lows into highs? What if you could see your way through clearly? What if you could move through the problem and "be" the possibility you wish to see? Do you believe it’s possible? Just think of all the things in life that seemed impossible to someone and yet turned out to be record makers, brilliant ideas, cures, the spring board to form groups, miracles, inventions, gateways, breakthroughs, systems, dreams come true, connections, and corrections. Can you think of anymore? Everything you see around you started as a thought that was inspired by something wonderful or not so wonderful. Whatever you are facing, whether it be big or small doesn’t matter. What does matter is YOU. When you view things in a different light you are free to soar. Soar with the challenge instead of plummeting down from it. Each difficulty we encounter offers us an opportunity to be the inspiration, the idea, and the life within it. When you feel like you have been hit with a low, remember to aim high. Ask yourself what’s hiding in this experience just waiting to be learned? What is this incident showing and teaching you? Maybe it’s to smile, or be patient and peaceful, perhaps it’s to surrender or persevere, or lend a helping hand. It could be an idea waiting to happen, or dream to be lived, or something that’s never been done before. You never know unless you explore, instead of ignore, what’s going on for you. Is it the fear, doubt, trust, the need to be right, resentment, unfairness, or the not knowing that’s holding you back or keeping you down? What is it? Question what’s happening and where you are with it. Begin to see the lows differently than the way you are currently viewing them. You are connected to the greatest source of inspiration. Trust and allow yourself to be guided through life’s challenges and celebrations. You can turn your lows into highs. 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