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Some Of The Basics Of Workers Comp Insurance Posted By: Brian Lehr Workers Comp Insurance Work Compensation Insurance Workers Comp Insurance Workers Comp Essential Posted By: Mare Nikolic San Diego workers comp San Diego home insurance San Diego workers comp Premium Audit Bill – A Call To Action – Five Things To Do Posted By: cutcompcosts I am going to let everyone in on a little secret. Where does most of our employer premium audit business come from overall? We very often receive emails and phone calls from employer that have overdue premium audit bills and want to reduce the bill. Our other main source of business is when the business owner or risk manager basically feels that there is something wrong. A business will lose some of its leverage when it does two things. The first is to just pay what the premium auditor has calculated. The second one is to sit on the bill and not doing anything about it. A bill that was paid without a review or a bill that is now overdue makes the premium audit review process of employers much more tedious and complicated. The five things that a business should do when you receive a Workers Comp audit bill are: 1. Look over the premium auditor’s worksheets if available. There will usually be a breakdown of how your company was audited. 2. Call or write the auditor to ask how they came up with their numbers if any part of the audit does not look correct to you.Worker compensation Worker comp Work comp Workers comp Workers compensation Worker compensation Understanding Your State Workers Comp Insurance Could Be Vital Posted By: Bill Gatton Back in the 1970’s President Nixon started the National Commission for State Workers Comp Insurance Laws for assistance in studying as to why disabled workers were receiving low benefits. With this law the committee made recommendations that each state have to pay at least two thirds of a workers salary if they are completely disabled to the employee. Currently there are still seventeen states that do not follow this law leaving many disabled workers with zero income coming into their homes. By having workers compensation the employees will become protected, but it will also protect the employers through litigious times they may encounter. Throughout various states there are many employers that are still not operating with any type of workers compensation and many more have zero intentions of purchasing the insurance in the near future. Employers are required to have some kind of workers compensation when their business has met minimum requirements with in their state operations. Many believe that this should be a non-negotiable expense for businesses instead of an added option, but this is not always happening.State Workers Comp Insurance work workers comp workers comp insurance workers compensation insurance State Workers Comp Insurance 相关的主题文章: