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Business Online teaching is the means of imparting education to the students by the processes of technological progression through a broadband connection and computer devices. It is related to the traditional form of one-to-one teaching, but with a slight modification as the learner and the teacher both will communicate from their comfortable situation, i.e. there are no obligation to time and place. There are numerous tools to help the tutor teach and make the ideas clear, resembling a text chat, whiteboard and oral communication over voice chat, etc. specially designed chat rooms are there, to make the interface between the student and the teacher easier and feasible as well. With the Internets advent it has become feasible to communicate with the tutor who is not even known to the student personally. Mechanisms of online coaching Online Teaching requires following tools: 1.Private computer: It is the fundamental requirement for online tutoring, to contact directly with the student without moving to his/her place. 2.Broadband or Internet connection: It is mandatory to form an interface between the teacher and the student. 3.Head Set and Microphone: They are the accessories required for online tutoring to make the communication feasible. 4.Communication abilities: It is required to elucidate the ideologies of the tutors and the thought process involved in understanding the topic and creating comfort for the students. 5.Pen Tablet: It is essential for the execution of the features that are required for online tutoring. Advantages of Online Education In online tuition, both the student and the tutor do not need to travel outside for tuition. The teachers can work from their zone of comfort since the communication is not personal, and is accomplished through the internet. This method is flexible about time and the tutors can work depending on their own time specifications or periods. It can also be considered as an alternative source of income or a secondary form of income for the experts. No visual interaction is commenced between the teacher and the student; hence the tutor can refer to some books or references. Roles of the online teacher The tutor of online teaching plays the role of a proficient, fills the spaces or mistakes and misinterpretations by supplementing with material of self-study. The Epitome Solutions provide the tutor who acts as a guide or a coach, plays the function of a mentor, guide or counselor by challenging, encouraging and providing productive feedback. The tutor also plays the role of an examiner to inspect the flaws of the student. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: