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Writing-and-Speaking If you are searching for an inexpensive and efficient home laser hair removal device, then look no further then the Tria laser treatment system. It is clearly the top at-home laser devices you could currently get on the market. Back when the unit initially reached store shelves in 2009, it was rather pricey, costing in the region of 800-1000$. It has since gone through various enhancements, and fell drastically in price, and you can presently purchase one for less than 400$. That may nevertheless seem to be a bit steep, but take into account that just a single laser session at a medical center, on a very small section like your top lip, can cost $100-$300+. And then take into account that it’s going to require several sessions to obtain the preferred outcome. It quickly becomes clear to see that this Tria at-home laser system is really a solid deal. Now, for the big issue, does it give good results?! Because to be honest, we live in a world with plenty of bogus goods that make bogus promises. Fortunately, the Tria truly does deliver on the results. Although, there are particular requirements. Not every person can get perfect results. Let’s quickly explore what makes a person the ideal candidate. 1) Complexion: The lighter or paler the skin, the better. 2) Hair color: The darker your hair, the better. You see, the Tria finds dark pigmentation in your hair and releases heat. As pigments absorb the heat, your hair follicles will be disabled. Given that darker hair soaks up light far more easily than other shades, the laser is only effective in black or brown hair. Like with just about any laser procedure, you should utilize the Tria for several treatments before hairs stop growing. You simply can’t call it quits because some hairs have fallen out. It’s important to keep zapping them during their growth phase merely by passing over the parts you’ve already gone through, to guarantee that the hairs can’t grow back. So now that you understand how it functions, let’s take a quick look at a number of the Tria’s pros and cons. Pros: – Five laser intensity settings to select from (as opposed to. only 3 in the former model), making it possible for customers to easily change the treatment for their particular hair shade and thickness. – Good results begin to appear in Three months; in 6-8 months, you’ll be finished – FDA-cleared effective and safe – Receive the very same results as expert traditional hair removal practices and save thousands – Results guaranteed or your money back – 1-year guarantee Cons: – Isn’t suitable for facial hair removal (despite the fact that it is the very same technology that treatment centers use when treating patients, so this might be a precautionary step by Tria) – Life of the battery might not last to perform an entire treatment in a single sitting – Won’t be as effective on light hairs and/or dark skin – Small head means that it could take some time to treat bigger spots (some think of this as a good thing as a smaller sized head signifies reduced pain given that less hairs are treated at the same time) Our Final Verdict on the Tria Laser System So do we recommend the Tria laser system? If you’re a suitable candidate for it based on your skin and hair colour, then ABSOLUTELY. Tria even has a money-back guarantee, therefore whether you are or aren’t a good candidate, you could still give it a try and see how it works out for you personally. Being a home treatment system, it doesn’t get any better then this right now, and will pay for itself after 1-2 uses. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: