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UnCategorized In online search marketing, local search results have not usually been considered to be as great of importance as those related to strictly online businesses. However, this mindset leaves money on the table from a largely untapped resource that is available to all businesses. Local businesses are beginning to shift focus and embrace online marketing, harnessing the power of the internet to get the word out about their business. Word of mouth is a powerful marketing tool and this has never been more evident than with the introduction of social networking sites such as Twitter. With Twitter, consumers can announce their satisfaction or displeasure with a particular product or service, immediately sharing it with thousands of followers. With these numbers, twitter becomes a valuable tool in getting the word out about your local business. If a twitter user found the service at a local establishment to be outstanding, his friends and family are likely to hear about it. In most cases these followers are also likely to be local, and hence the advertising goes viral and business booms. So how does a business owner leverage a social site such as Twitter? Creating a twitter account for your business is simply not enough. Interacting with your audience is key. Many local businesses tweet their current sales, daily specials, or newly introduced products to spark interest and entice consumers into the store. If a business has loyal customers, they will be keeping an eye out for those tweets, waiting for that next sale. Another way to keep a customer base in tact is to follow those that are following the business. When a customer tweets a positive experience, seeing a tweet in response thanking them for their patronage inspires good will and allows the local business owner to get to know their customer. Successful businesses are built on relationships and Twitter allows an exchange between business owner and customer. Twitter is also invaluable in allowing entrepreneurs to directly ask consumers what they liked or did not like about their experience with a particular business. This real time feedback allows the business to address any negative comments and offer solutions or alternatives as well as make improvements where necessary. This establishes trust with the customer, and once a business has established trust, they are very likely to have repeat customers. Knowing what the customer expects and needs and then meeting those needs will keep consumers coming back every time. Twitter is an excellent way to keep dialogue open, allowing a business to keep their finger on the pulse of the market. If there is a shift in market demand, businesses leveraging Twitter will be the first to know about it, pushing them ahead of their competitors. When considering online search marketing, local businesses should include Twitter in their marketing arsenal. Being in touch with your customers will put your business head and shoulders above the competition and will give you insight into changes in market trends that your competitors may be completely unaware of. This knowledge will allow you to maintain the winning edge in the ever changing marketplace. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: