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Alternative Those who have been suffering from back pain can address the issue with many different modalities of massage therapy such as Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy and pregnancy massage therapy from qualified massage therapists in professional massage therapy clinics in South Tampa 33629, Downtown Tampa, Macdill AFB and Hyde Park. With this affordable and available therapy accessible to everyone, no one has to endure the chronic discomforts of back pain. More than $25 billion a year is being spent by people in their attempts to seek relief from excruciating back pain. This is actually next to the common cold in being the most frequent reason for people having to be absent from their jobs. The prevalence of back pain among the population is discussed by Shelley Flannery in an article for Massage Envy Magazine published online in the Fall of 2007. A study published in the Annals of Internal Medicine in 2003 was cited by Flannery. It documented the effectiveness of massage therapy in relieving back pain, even against other therapies like acupuncture and spinal modification. According to the study massage therapy has been proven to reduce by as much as 36 percent the need for painkillers to ease back pain. Even the American Massage Therapy Association confirms this data. It is but logical then that one of the most popular treatments to address back pain today is massage therapy. Kristen Sykora, spokeswoman of the American Massage Therapy Association who is herself a licensed massage therapist, is quoted by Flannery saying, "Massage is quite effective for treating lower back pain. It’s the MVP in the healthcare arena because it’s more of a hands-on treatment." There are several interrelated ways in which massage therapy can relieve back pain and prevent it from recurring. For one thing, massage therapy smoothens out muscle kinks and knots that cause pain. Massage therapy relaxes muscles by releasing tension and eliminating muscle stiffness. Such muscle tension can be due to lack of activity but is more often caused by stress. When the muscle tension is released, muscle flexibility is improved. The massage that releases tension and knots also has a calming effect on nerves resulting in the release of natural endorphins which are body chemicals that induce the feeling of wellbeing. Much more than that, however, massage strokes result in the improved flow of blood toward problem areas, bringing nourishment to the cells and assisting faster healing. Flannery agrees with Sykora in cautioning people not to expect instant gratification with massage therapy, though. Sykora says, "Your back pain didn’t start overnight, so don’t expect it to be cured overnight either. It’s best for chronic back pain sufferers to be on a maintenance plan for massage, once every three to four weeks." Aside from having a regular and long term schedule for massage therapy, Sykora recommends that those afflicted with back pain should undergo lifestyle changes since many old habits may be at the root of the back problem. They should ask their massage therapists for instructions on correcting their posture, adjusting their work space including chair and table heights, and altering their work habits. They could also be taught some exercises that help strengthen back muscles. Likewise, weight loss will help ease the burden on the back. There are so many massage modalities to choose from and all of them can be used to effectively address and ultimately help resolve back pain. Those afflicted with this condition can undergo Swedish massage therapy, deep tissue massage therapy, sports massage therapy or even pregnancy massage therapy from a professional massage clinic in South Tampa 33629, Downtown Tampa, Macdill AFB and Hyde Park. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: