The Oil Barons play at The Casman Centre 黄子韬被告上法庭

Travel-and-Leisure Working in the isolated oil sands of Fort McMurray during the frankly freezing winter months may not sound like the most enticing of prospects. Yet despite the plummeting temperatures, people still come to the region all year round, drawn by the prospect of high wages offered by the oil industry. This means that hotels, campgrounds and especially rental accommodation in Fort McMurray are filled all year round, not only by workers taking up temporary residence in the area, but with tourists who come here to enjoy all that the area has to offer. This is Canada after all, and it takes more than a bit of cold weather to prevent a Canadian from enjoying life. Unlike many people in the rest of the world, Canadians revel in cold weather, making the most of the winter months. And Fort McMurray is no different. When the oil workers aren’t hard at work extracting the crude oil that is in abundance in Fort McMurray, there is a wealth of opportunities to blow off some steam and take in the natural beauty of the winter wonderland that is the Municipality of Wood Buffalo. Most notably, the oil company Syncrude host the WinterPLAY carival, a celebration of the area’s culture and climate that lasts for nearly a full three weeks in February and March. Revellers can take part in ice sculpture and skating, as well as catching performances by some of the regions best musicians, actors and comedians. Although the oil sands form a very large part of the landscape in the Municipality of Wood Buffalo around Fort McMurray, there is plenty of land that isn’t caked in oil or industrialized that is ideal for skiing and snowmobiling, such as Vista Ridge. Dotted round the urban service area, including in many of the communal areas of many serviced apartments in Fort McMurray are communal ice rinks where residents can skate and play Hockey. Fans can also go watch the local Ice Hockey team, The Oil Barons play at The Casman Centre, which hosts games and events all year round. Then of course is the famous Aurora Borealis, also known as The Northern Lights. Due to its northerly location, Fort McMurray is in an ideal place to be able to witness this spectacular, naturally occurring event. Solar winds reflected off of gases in the atmosphere cause the sky to light up in a mesmerising array of pinks and greens that seem to dance across the night sky. Winter time is a particularly good time to witness this breath-taking phenomenon, and many tour operators offer package deals to visit the best viewing spots in the area. Whereas as the Alberta River offers great fishing opportunities during the summer, keen fishermen can also try their hand at ice fishing during the winter months when many of the lakes in the area freeze over. For those that don’t already have their own gear, there are many places that offer gear, as well as lodgings for rent in Fort McMurray. About the Author: 相关的主题文章: